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Miami-based Computer tutor and repair services.
Dinarius Computers
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  Dinarius Computers is dedicated to making the hard-to-understand world of computing and the Internet easy for anyone to digest. Too often, employees each do things their own ways: Dinarius offers Cross-training. Children, who are raised with the familiarity of the computers that the rest of us lack, are the first to generate costly repair problems. Wireless networks and printers require more security now that ever before.

  Whether it's installing routers and modems for Internet connectivity at home or at the office, or it's putting together a website or transferring one from the control of a lazy web master, Dinarius Computers is poised to offer, at the very least, the very best solutions that will protect you, your home or office, your identity and wallet. Dinarius is born of tutors - we learn just as well as our best students. The things that we learn have more bearing on your day-to-day operations than you can imagine. It sometimes even surprises us!

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  Computers behave now in much the same way they behaved thirty years ago. The young and old alike can learn how to interact with a computer and the Internet if they so choose. Staying sharp with the news online and on the television is practically a hobby for us. An analytical look at how computers and technology are trying to change keeps us up on the latest knowledge that benefits you. You will not get good advice or rational answers from someone who heard something somewhere sometime long ago. Objectively, the information you're after about the computer, the Internet or technology might have changed yesterday! Looking at parts, it seems that computing is constantly changing; looking and learning the whole, you can discover that computers basically remain the same. Dinarius Tutors and Upgrades: Learn more...