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27 December 2012

hehe - That @MySapceTom...

He’s funny! Poster child for social networks in the naughts laughs last and loudest putting down snarky Tweeter then claiming if he changed his picture from the Tom avatar we all know, the Internet would break. The put down that shows our friend, Tom, is doing just fine. And a fine article surrounding it.

25 October 2012

Obsolescence and the Manufacture of Desire

Absolutely stunning writing from start to finish. Apple fan-boys will hate this and even interrupt their own reading to argue with their monitors – Apple is calling two horses to win: Apples for Education, and; Constant desire for Apple. It CANNOT be both.

HackEducation.com’s Audrey Watters holds everyone’s feet to the fire, and rightly so.

25 February 2012

The First Programmer - 1841

Dearest Mama,

I must tell you what my opinion of my own mind and powers is exactly – the result of a most accurate study of myself with a view to my future plans during many months. I believe myself to possess a most singular combination of qualities exactly fitted to make me preeminently a discoverer of the hidden realities of nature.

20 January 2012

You are not here.

Based on recent observations, scientists have concluded that the observable Universe might not exist.

Have a nice day wrapping your head around that.

The observable universe might not exist.

4 March 2011

Bad guys are emerging from the fog

MPEG LA is attacking VP8, “we have no dog in this fight.” They stand to lose over 1,700 patents slowly and surly if the free VP8 goes mainstream. They do indeed have over 1,700 dogs in this fight.

4 March 2011

Chuck Lorre vanity cards

Charlie Sheen has been pretty sure that Chuck Lorre is responsible for nothing while he, Sheen, is responsible for nearly everything good on Earth. Chuck Lorre is the Two and A Half Men TV show creator who still writes and was accused by Sheen in a famous tirade (the word itself almost exclusively reserved for Sheen and Dior’s disgraced fashion designer John Galliano) of writing tin cans that Sheen turns to gold and being a corduroy zombie – “Corduroy Zobies on TV,” could be the movie plot I’ve been looking for.

25 October 2010

A new divide. A good quote.

When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. So create.

26 September 2010

Acid3 browser test reveals a sneak attack browser

Acid3 browser test for IE8 I’m going mad trying to center a DIV in the newer Internet Explorer 8. Nothing that worked before is working now and cross-browser compatibility is vital! So I found that you can test a browser’s ability to obey the strict rules that govern what webmasters have to keep in mind when creating code. What I found has disappointed me enormously. How can webmasters design X-browser sites when they’re all so wildly different at obeying rules?

18 July 2010

73K blogs dead - self-host when able

A lot of the people I help wonder if hosting their blog on a shared server is okay. Yes it is. But rather than all this “cloud” mentality, I much more prefer the idea of taking as much control as possible.

There’s a latest friend asking if her food blog should come out of a fully-featured box provided by a company I’ve never heard of. The WordPress backend and widgets and boxes are really quite a whiz and someone spent hundreds of man-hours assembling those features – the unadvertised downside is that your blog could get yanked with no notice by the US Government because of someone else’s illegal acts on the same server…