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28 February 2014

Still the Wild West

Don’t think that the Internet has come of age and locked out trouble to keep regular users safe and sound. There are still plenty of people who we could liken to a wolf in Grandma’s clothing.

13 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - two

Failed security means that hackers in the world or internet security specialists gain access to passwords – often MILLIONS of passwords. Sometimes these lists are even published by accident like one from AOL containing a staggering 47 million accounts. What we find is that the weakest link in security, your security, can be you.

13 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - one

A password that appears as gibberish is called a hash – it’s not gibberish. It’s been shuffled and had extra stuff added to it like putting that card back in the deck. Sometimes, the extra stuff added to it includes a little eight character string called a Salt; so it’s then called a salted hash.

18 December 2012

Google image search for an antique lamp

In the midst of organizing for the holidays, or end of the world, whichever, I keep encountering a few nice things I know nothing about. One such example is a lamp my parents prized. With Google knowing everything there is to know about things, I thought I’d give the Google Image Search a whirl. It requires you snap and shot and upload an image for the great Google machine to analyze. The results were not entirely unhelpful. I did laugh. But I know less now than I knew before.

18 October 2012

AOL Mail, will Alto hit the right note?

AOL did first with the cloud what everyone’s newly toying with now. AOL’s Alto, in preview, is freshly attempting to do with API’s what everyone else has already tried and made tired. I’m 100% giving this a 50/50 to succeed but have to say, it looks damned good.

AOL Alto welcome invitation.

1 April 2012

Strangely Festive

With over a hundred thousand likes and 22MILLION views in two months between two “official” videos, MIA (sometimes MAYA) has shown that our overall willingness to disagree unconditionally with the Middle East is in a state of exhaustion. A Western-style culture of bling and money rides shotgun in car rodeo style racing basically owned by Saudi Arabian youth. Rather than the video acting as a lightning rod for criticism and negativity as the director was worried, Western youth, are mesmerized by this strangely festive display of tricks, play and cultural twists that just says, “shit’s fun. Let’s party!”

M.I.A. Bad Girls good video

29 February 2012

IE9 & Nested links - Ignores buttons

Internet Explorer 9 is great for developers who want everyone to see curved borders and various transparencies, but not so great for some links that don’t work in IE9 that did work in everything else. Java has been blamed, WYSIWYG editors blamed and Microsoft’s answers amount to nothing more than blaming add-ons. The common bond for problems I’ve seen: Nested links in web pages.

IE9 ignores web page links and Java

24 January 2012

A Different Search Engine

Having announced that it will alter it’s TOS across all products to create a mono-culture, a.k.a. Walled Garden, Google is preparing to upset and worry a LOT of people. These days, it’s hard to even believe that there are options for good search engines out there other than Google.

Ixquick is a Google Search alternative

Behold. Something else. Is it any good? It’s put through some simple paces…

24 April 2011

Mac users are ego-centric snobs - Proof!

But, it should be said, we love you in spite of yourselves… There’s a website I recommended a long time ago called Hunch.com and it serves up thousands of simple questions for you to answer. The process isn’t as exciting as a kitten picture of the day, but the results of the information the site gathers can be pretty interesting – recently: The rematch of Mac vs. PC people based on their answers to Hunch.com’s questions about almost everything!

From Hunch.com Stats showing Mac PC differences

Infographics are one of my favorite things. After women, of course…

12 February 2011

Watch book buying globally

Someone in Maryland bought Car Design Yearbook 7 and Car Design Yearbook 8 13 minutes ago.

Book Depository LIVE glides over worldmap showing global purchases

It’s almost really exciting! In trying to track down the Eighth and final Car Design Yearbook, the publisher’s website directed me to Book Depository offering FREE Worldwide Shipping. After making my purchase, I was asked by a button if I’d seen Book Depository LIVE. I hadn’t. It’s NEAT because you can watch, in real time where in the world people are buying what books from the site. Just like a villian’s wall map of the world, your view of Earth glides from one country to another as, “Someone in Hong Kong bought Beijing and Shanghai 73 minutes ago.” A picture of the cover and a link to the detail web page are available. I think it’s a clever way to find book reading trends and get gift ideas and let the gliding world map entertain you for a while.

Book Depository LIVE