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/commentable: Intelligent Interest
Dinarius = digital interest
9 January 2014

A simple Bitcoin Theory

There are still bunches of people who haven’t heard of Bitcoins – there are no coins involved. What there is instead is an agreed upon growing ownership of Bitcoins and a public ledger that both prevents fraud and rewards the accountants with Bitcoins thereby adding to the total and creating yet another transaction to solve and reward. It’s funky and even most Bitcoin miners (the people with computers that work the ledger) are not totally sure what’s up. As it turns out, history holds a great example.

15 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - three

On editorial discussion of the topic, one computer elf asked if their childhood phone number were the perfect password … With numbers, as the childhood phone number, each character is tested against only 10 digits.

4 June 2013

It ain't Web3 yet...

…but there’s progress. Like 98-percent of people on Earth, I can’t predict much with any accuracy but I sure am glad when a hunch eventually pans out on its own timing in a direction that I feel is a positive one. With everyone bouncing from one milestone to the next lickety-split, I was happy to proclaim the arrival of Web3 not long after the announcement of Web 2.0

28 December 2012

War, Panic and Fear

Over 2,000 years ago, something happened. Something bigger than global, bigger than Earth. Whatever it was caused fourteen known calendars at the time to re-adjust their count of days in a year. It seems to have happened in 701 BC and everyone is making religion out of it. What’s the science?

Surface of Mars

23 October 2012

How To Write A Story

There’s a lot of strange and/or scholarly advice about how to start writing your own stories. What I tell you might fall under the category of strange, but after seriously thinking about some TV shows I’ve been catching up on and remembering one, little detail a film student told me years ago, I’ve suddenly had a surge of inspiration including the very method of, how to write a story.

How to write a story

26 June 2012

Finding art in Nature, in Technology

Artist Aaron Hobson has virtually traveled all around the world and found some incredible and breath taking locations. Where timing and funding is usually everything, in this case, it isn’t. Hobson has found all these vistas online in Google Streetview.

Aaron Hobson cinemascape art from Google streetview

13 February 2012

2000 CE's refined windchill chart

Even with sunsets like this overworked doozy tonight, yesterday morning and early today began by feeling only 10-degrees above freezing. Annually, crops of Florida are devastated by consecutive days of below freezing temperatures. But science and technology prevails: In 2000, NOAA re-worked their windchill chart to help you save face.

Even with sunsets like this overworked color burst, it can be cold here!

18 January 2010

"It's the world we live in..."

Said the detective to the Twitter user who promised to blow up an airport after his flight was delayed for bad weather. “It’s the world we live in,” says Dinarius when reading about Google China’s trouble with a targeted, sophisticated internal cyber attack responsible for thieving intellectual property.

12 November 2009

Swine Flu Pigs

Swine flu pigs The latest alarm of swine flu H1N1 is simply not to be missed by cons and bandwagon fear mongers. So don’t miss what’s real and what’s just the result of some human pigs when it comes to keeping safe. In other words, if you read this article, H1N1 can’t hurt you1.

10 November 2009

New Media versus Traditional Outlets - Oops

New news versus old news is a false argument If New Media wants to have an argument about which is better, new or traditional media, they first have to change the way in which money baits them. If they depend on volume for a hit-or-miss revenue model, we won’t get news. The New Media writers like Paul Carr ain’t broken, their business models are…