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9 March 2012

Best Free way to open tar.gz on Windows

“Best?” I don’t know for sure. “Free,” yup. Users of Windows 7 have a sticky time opening tarball files or tar.gz packages that are often provided for coding purposes and more advanced computing than Windows users are given credit for wanting to attempt. Well I wanted to and it seemed that all the unzip, unpack software leads to cost. Well…

how to open a tar.gz on Windows freely

14 February 2012

SpeedyPC Pro is Bait and Hook

Bait and Hook is a term referring to a tactic that grabs your attention and then, once you’re around, you find yourself STUCK. A customer receives an unsolicited email full of “red flags” letting them know they’re all ready to go – all they have to do is activate the $30 Pro version by calling to fix the problems already found. That’s the BAIT. SpeedyPC Pro is an upsell scam.

24 November 2008

Good Unrelated Questions

From the Top Search Queries in Google’s Webmaster Tools come two very good questions that other folks may be asking…

Can you scan an MP3 music file for viruses? The short answer is yes; the details differ from method to method…


Can you replace the battery that is INSIDE a stylus for a Gateway Tablet PC? And the short answer is no.

25 September 2008

Yelp! A Free iPhone App

Perhaps I’m not the last to know, but when trying to find anything local that’s been reviewed by locals, YELP looks like the way to go! As I was cruising through some free apps to download on the iPhone (and iTouch if you’ve got it), several caught my eye and Yelp! was deservedly in the Top 25 of downloaded and rated apps.

25 August 2008

Running Forsaken on Windows 2000 and XP

Forsaken on Windows 2000 In 1998, I found a video game from 1997 that would mark my entry into video game manhood. Pathetic, I know. Forsaken was a mind-bending 360-degree by 360-degree hover motorcycle, race-bike death match against drones, other bikers and ‘the clock.’ After ten years, I felt like playing it again for old time’s sake on the PC.

19 August 2008

Wallpapering Bigger Desktops Smarterly

Old literature images for desktops make you look a little smarterly. Unfortunately, nothing says, “this is who I am,” like a Desktop wallpaper. Leave the factory default entact and you’re admitting to a fear of exploration and creativity. Pick a Jessica Alba boobie picture and you’re labeled a perv for life; use a picture from a movie you liked and you’ll be explaining the movie for the rest of your life and defending your choice to the death since even the best movies have detractors. So why not rub the on-looker’s face in your choice of wallpapers?

3 July 2008

ANOTHER Great Reason For Beginners To Flock

I just had to interrupt myself in the middle of a big task when I saw Flock’s new update add visited PAGE TITLES to the browser’s address bar as I began to type in PIPES for pipes.yahoo.com

The Flock browser is total rock and roll.

30 June 2008

Facebook Game, TextTwirl Cheats

Overall web happiness. It must be popular if there’s a site that helps you cheat. How many words can you make using the letters: C H E A T S That’s the idea behind the popular game TextTwirl on the social site, Facebook. It’s not useful unless adding words like CESTA and ETHS to your vocabulary make you feel stronger.

27 June 2008

A Faster Way To Read and Edit .PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader is great. The Portable Document Format is a wonderful standard that’s always sharp and readable no matter what magnification. But the Reader is so slow! And all the updates! What a hassle. For years now, I’ve been recommending the Foxit PDF Reader when people just need a quick solution to open a PDF in an e-mail attachment for example.

8 May 2008

Will The Music Please Begin?

Keeping up with the news focuses your attention on Israel or Microsoft. Music and the industries around it seem secondary at best. What you don’t know won’t kill you, but there’s a War unraged with the parties lining up at this very moment and moving into place. Even they most likely don’t know the mayhem that will come…