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26 June 2008

Adobe Flash Won't Work in IE7 For AOL Users

A problem is growing and not yet been addressed by Microsoft, Adobe or AOL. In repairing computers, many problems come down the line before the software giants post solutions. Adobe’s Flash movie player is increasingly showing up as uninstalled for PC owners still using AOL regularly. Flash is the software that often makes posting and viewing movies and video clips online possible. Without it, users are prompted to Install it. The problem is two-fold: It won’t install completely, and, Firefox 2 has no problem showing Flash content when Internet Explorer and AOL won’t!

19 June 2008

Only 127, 128 or 137 GB Visible on Harddrive

Older installations of Windows 2000 and XP operating systems sometimes reject or are blind to BIG harddrives of 300GB or 500 GB or more. We began to tackle how to get Windows to see the rest of the harddrive in an earlier article about the harddrive barrier, HERE and today, are happy to provide an even more complete answer.

5 April 2008

Making A Subscription or Membership Site.

Before your eyes get to the end of this article, let’s ask the obvious to all this writing that comes before: Is it worth it to learn some code yourself; test Forum and TextPattern installations; not buy a boxed solution; visit CMS Matrix? One of many self-taught PHP membership website creators now makes $12 MILLION annually in advertising alone while others only make about $4-5 MILLION. Sound interesting enough to read?

26 March 2008

But Which Compaq EVO Do I Have?

26MAR08 – Refurbished EVO slimlines, small form factors and ultra-slims and convertible desktops are hitting the streets in huge numbers. And they’re mostly junk. But clients still request that these affordable machines be reformatted which presents the technician with “driver-hell” since the EVO nominclature rarely referred to itself by model number. With a D300 and D500 series and countless form factors, you might need help picking which Compaq EVO you’re dealing with. We’re here to help after tracking down elusive Compaq machine drawings on the HP site.

21 February 2008

Viewing and Embedding Videos.

Four types of video file embed differently. This is a BIG lesson and you’re sure to have questions – post them in the Comments below or AnswersForum. Using a simple webcam (that didn’t adjust the aperture for my being outside), I recorded four videos just as you might. They’re all about 30 seconds long. They’re destinies differed: One would remain the .WMV the webcam uses to save videos, the others would be converted to .AVI (requiring one conversion), .MOV and .M4V (requiring TWO conversions). Then the task was to embed the video easily for a blog, an HTML site or webpage and embed for an RSS reader.

13 February 2008

The Origins Of 'Commentable.'

How comments are delivered to a site delivering comments.

13FEB08 – “Commentable” is easy; it’s something you can comment upon or about. Dinarius searched for months to incorporate an area of the site that could accept readers’s Comments and thoughts safely. Too many comment systems leave a site completely exposed to attacks. As we searched for a system that could fulfill this task safely, we examined search terms like comments section, user notes, visitor logs, guest books and the like.

1 February 2008

Above The Fold RSS via TextPattern.

01FEB08 – After years of loving the Above The Fold headline section, we auto-archived everything – after just a few months of studying Google’s API code, we finally got the FeedRoll rolling again like it used to. As icing on the cake, we just go the ATF RSS active. Everyday before noon, we try to cram three to five new stories/headlines in there that are so easy to digest, you won’t believe it. ATF was always intended to give you ‘watercooler conversation’ with those odd-ball geeks at work. You strike up the important details and let them fill you in on the rest – it’s pure beauty if you’re after the attention. http://www.dinarius.com/ATF/rss/

27 January 2008

How Do I Make Different FavIcons For Different Pages?

27JAN08 – The newest fun for the Apple iPhone is designing icons that will appear on a user’s Home Screen when they make your webpage a Favorite in the Apple iPhone’s 1.1.3 upgrade. But what about different icons for different pages? Good question.

Typically, favicons go in the /root of a website meaning any page from the /root forward gets the icon that’s there by default. Thankfully, for HTML pages, you can use the META tag at the top of the page to specify a different favicon or apple-touch-icon if you’re catering to the growing iPhone surfers – they’re the fastest growing group of surfers on the web! Quick FYI dictates that iPhone favorite icons for the Home Screen are 158 × 158 pixels and YES, other sizes work well, but 158 squared works best of all. We tried’em all.

21 January 2008

Where Can I Find A Teleprompter?

21JAN08 – It’s closer than you think! An online service currently allows you to enter 2,000 words in to a text box and begin a teleprompter service that’s not too shabby. Believe me, I’ve tried syncing two laptops to scroll through OpenOffice Write with the locked scroll wheel and it was a nightmare. CuePrompter takes that need of finding a teleprompter quickly and spits out a teleprompter-like scroll with adjustable speeds and even mirror imaging if you want to be fancy about it.

20 January 2008

Viva La Third Camp!

20JAN08 – Don’t hang up yet, here’s what the Third Camp means according to Louis Gray in his website Silicon Valley Blog where he blasts (and rightly so) Mashable for stealing news, quotes and a variety of other no-no’s that a large-scale website should know better than to do.

In the tech blogosphere, there’s a clear delineation between those who are actively creating the news (the developers, engineers, and business people), those who are reporting the news (those blogs who follow journalism standards and do actual reporting) and those who simply follow along – either by referencing other people’s work, or simply duplicating it. Mashable, billing itself as the #1 social networking news site on the Web, falls almost exclusively in that third camp.

We were almost tempted for naughty irony’s sake ot not tell you where that block quote came from, but then we remembered we’re not 13-years-old. This author can spell out a similar story of frustration….