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28 January 2008

Good MP3: Qtrax Trix.

Download millions of songs for free from Qtrax.com? Well, maybe, maybe not. We don’t do stories immediately because news changes from ten minutes to the next. Such is the case. Basically, Qtrax promised to deliver millions of songs via peer-to-peer for FREE with the go-ahead of all four major labels. Now, no. Three of the four major labels say this isn’t so. But we’re not on about that in this MP3 episode of GoodMP3…
9 November 2007

Good MP3 Super Pi 3.1415926535... (2M)

This episode looks at a little program that’s free to download and use and distribute called Super Pi! It’s version 1.5 XS and measures your processor’s ability to calculate up to 32 MILLION decimals of Pi. As you remember, Pi is the never-repeating number approximated by dividing 7 into 22: 3.141… and so forth, possibly forever.

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If nothing shows above while using IE7, please find the show here: http://www.dinarius.com/audio/GOOD02m.mp3

Our tests are revealed in the show and we explain why this little number race is so important and what you should do if your results expose a sluggish processor. Also, hear which computer out there is the fastest off the shelf with no modifications! You can also hear me forget most of my tenth-grade math… That’s the embarassing part, but the Super Pi stuff is pretty neat.

Very dry Verification Site:

Pi Verifyication. This means, DON’T close that window that pops up with the results because there’s no other way to get the Checksum Verification without running the test again!

Post a few stats and your Super Pi time and Checksum in the Comments section so we can begin an unofficial benchmarking area others can use. Thanks!

23 October 2007

Good MP3 AntiVirus Knowledge.

In this episode, we examine how antivirus software is examined. Even old professionals can tune in and learn something that may surprise them as we quickly cover how antivirus authorities prepare computers for testing, gather the latest information on computer infections and we uncover how you can constantly keep up with which antivirus is scoring the highest successes when tested by groups with no interest in which software performs best – meaning the results are unbiased.

About the Music… Enur featuring Natasja (NOT Natasha with an “H”) with Calabria 2007. You can’t download it from us, but if you scroll down for more information and links to videos and lyrics, you’ll get enough goods to scrape the mp3 from a P2P. You’re welcome.

Can’t see anything above with IE7? Then use this link to get to or save “http://www.dinarius.com/GOOD01.mp3”:http://www.dinarius.com/GOOD01.mp3

In the show: How C|net tests, Consumer Search’s gathered reviews, In The Wild!, the English results from this Greek site. And what we ALL need, Kaspersky. As you can hear in the show and see below, Kaspersky version beta is undoubtedly the best. And some users still prefer the classic version which is also near perfect. Interestingly, numerous antivirus makers are up to version 6.0 and 7.0 releases. If you listen to the show, you’ll see that it’s no shock since virus monitoring is performed to the benefit of them all by outside parties.

The Top Ten.


1. Kaspersky version beta – 99.23%

2. Kaspersky version – 99.13%

3. Active Virus Shield by AOL version – 99.13%

4. ZoneAlarm with KAV Antivirus version 7.0.337.000 – 99.13%

5. F-Secure 2007 version 7.01.128 – 98.56%

6. BitDefender Professional version 10 – 97.70%

7. BullGuard version – 96.59%

8. Ashampoo version 1.30 – 95.80%

9. AntiVir version Classic – 95.08%

10. eScan version 8.0.671.1 – 94.43%

Enur featuring Natasha Natasja Calabria 2007 and video.

About The Music whoop whoop

Sure there’s some heated discussion about what’s being said in this song with a very heavy Jamaican accent first appearing as a Club Mix in 2003. It hasn’t hit all the airwaves yet, but we’re calling that it will and when you hear, “Whoop whoop when you run come around, you know you’re the talk of the town, yeah,” then think: Get the best AntiVirus software. Then dance. Here are some links not guaranteed to last long, but if you’re looking on the Internet for the ‘talk of the town’ song by a Jamaican lady and landed here, we got links for you.

It’s Enur Featuring Natasha (sometimes Natasja) and the song seems to named, Calabria 2007. It appears on several compilation albums covering House, Club and Electronic. Pick your mix album at AllMusic.com here. Too hard to find a site for Natasha or Natasja or Calabria 2007 but there is a YouTube video that will teach you the rump-shaking cockny-accent silly-dance that goes with this tune here. Lyrics? “cause u sound like the talk of the town yea,
imma lock u when u run come around yea,
make me wobble, make me whole body bubble,
an me no say ya trouble, when ya ready for the double,
and n u hit that,
no ti-na the mickle (as in nothing in the middle)
play with it a lickle(as in little), why you so na tickle
im tellin’ you to, hit that
no ti-na the mickle (as in nothing in the middle)
stay with it a lickle(as in little), why you so na tickle
im feelin’ them
(whoop whoop)”

It’s anyone’s guess.

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