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22 September 2009

Of Dreams, Ideas and Knowledge

Congratulations for sticking it out this far! If you’ve searched for anything, found Dinarius and come back for more, you’ve been busier with the site than we. That’s changing on 01NOV09.

The curly haired head where dreams, ideas and knowledge compete with life.

26 July 2008

Where's Bryan? What's Rewbies?

I’m learning the Ruby Programming language with help from books, tutorials and online manuals and the official http://api.rubyonrails.com site. It’s hard enough to keep me moving slowly but easy enough for me to have built, http://www…

20 July 2008

Computer Blues and News

This site, Dinarius, is quite happy to host one of the first and most helpful call-in podcast shows that help normal people get answers to computer questions. You know that feeling of having a computer question that you think is too simple to ask a computer techinician and all your “computer friends” give you contradictory answers? Well, this can be the end of that!

11 June 2008

Explaining and Healing Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis.

How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans. After a very successful trip up to Washington D.C. two and-a-half weeks ago, I returned to Miami ready to tackle all the things waiting for me. Within 24 hours I was in the closest Emergency Room I could utter to the EMT’s and diagnosed with the little brother of Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis. I was helpless, I was pale yellow and in more pain than I’d ever felt in my life.

7 May 2008

Danish Translator Wanted.

Our reach is barely global as you can see in the image below. We’re East Coast, baby. And proud of it. Much to our delight, we’re West Coast too! For Europe. Imagine that. Since Dinarius covers consumer goods and issues that the global economy provides us here as much as you there, it’s not such a stretch that our audience is geographically positioned the way it is. So, enough babble. We want a paid, part-time Danish translator.

19 February 2008

AnswersForum Needs Your Vote.

Short and sweet, the AnswersForum at Dinarius.com needs your vote! We’re obsessed with news, newbies and technology – there must be a way to put it all together, there must be. This link will get you to the post at the AnswersForum where we let you pick your top three news interests. Voting is painless; support the big, awkward “D” by helping us to narrow our focus a bit!

And thanks in advance!


14 February 2008

Determining Site Statistics.

14FEB08 – You can’t buy love, but love can buy advertising and we love your love! We’ve been from the penthouse to the doghouse. We were once in the top 1% of all websites tracked by Alexa.com and now completely vanished with no rank what so ever. But we have evidence that this ranking is foul. With the next metrix for advertisers to look at being time spent on a site or page, what of the three website statistic trackers will help us get advertising if the day should ever arrive?

Traffic Facts from GoDaddy is the only service that we pay for.

15 January 2008

$10,000 Fantasy Portfolio (General)

Information Ninjas are perhaps the most valuable and under rated geeks on Earth.

The following four stocks were selected 10JAN08 and we just failed to post them right away. We’re assuming that a hundred of each are purchased and, as of 10JAN08, the value of this portfolio was actually $9,696.00. These stock were picked with the intention of being held for six months and, yeah, we’re hoping to make a Fantasy Profit no matter how small.

5 January 2008

You Speak! Figuring Out Next Month's Tasks.

05JAN08 – All good webmasters like to see what it is that people are looking at in the hopes of delivering more of what the people want. With metrics for us on GoDaddy, as simple as they are, we can see what pages are visited for the longest amount of time and which pages are visited most often. While time spent by a single visitor isn’t always an indication that the page wasn’t just walked away from while a baby was crying or dinner was eaten can’t be guaranteed, it’s all we’ve got! Pages at Dinarius that were sticky or most visited can sometimes come as a surprise.

Pages visited ordered by TIME and REQUESTS minus CSS formatting pages.

31 December 2007

HTML vs CMS Sites.

31DEC07 – The fun of getting your fingers dirty in mucky HTML code is totally lost with Content Management Systems. For years, this site was a labor of love pushing the simple envelopes that HTML and Dynamic HTML provided. To ease archiving, Dinarius went with TextPattern which is no less than a free, genius alternative to WordPress and other blogging softwares that rely on Cascading Style Sheets to organize format. The CSS and archiving and ease of editing previous articles and comments has been great, but where’s that muck that this site was built upon?