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Dinarius = digital interest
15 May 2016

Amatuer Radio Mesh Network

The Mesh Network created (first in Austin, Texas, they say) that utilizes these old wifi home routers is a LOS emergency fallback measure. A little prepper, but why not one more last line of communication in case the power’s fishy?


16 November 2009

Bring Sezmi, Cable TV Killer, to your hood

Sezmi Internet broadcast and cable channel replace cable? As if by fate, I was just discussing last night with a fellow blogger about the reality of Internet entertainment reducing Cable TV providers like Comcast to mere Internet Service Providers who pave the wires for their replacements. Sezmi might be able to do it by providing over-the-air broadcasts, cable channels like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, and providing “thousands” of HD and standard on demand videos.

2 August 2008

I Want More Music, Damnit!

In sticking with Things Geeks Should Know, you outta know that you can get Pandora on your iPhone. Sure the iPhone 2.0 software apps have gotten a bad rap, but Pandora just released 1.1 of their app and I’ve gotta say … ! Wow. … Want kick-ass, a little folksie, a little Top 40, little swanky SoCal cowboy Mexicale Latin that’s uber-catchy even if you don’t know the words? Jarabe de Palo (La Flaca makes me cry.)

27 June 2008

Quick Review: Panorama Stitching Photos Together

Both Arcsoft and PTGui make software that stitches photographs together to create panoramic images or spherical displays (if you’re more advanced). Using panorama software is a great way to capture wide or tall vistas on vacation and, unlike internal software cameras have, both these stitching softwares finish the job for you. There are differences though.

14 May 2008

Can A "Handshake" Seal A Piracy Deal?

In an article today from The Chronicle, the RIAA describes how they go about finding music pirates at Universities. If a series of automated tasks produce a result that fits the profile of pirated material, a Takedown Notice is delivered to the offending university which requires the University to ‘takedown’ the offending file from its servers. The problem in short: Takedown notices must make specific, substantiated download claims; without proof of a download, what’s the charge, the offense? Certainly it cannot be allowed to be criminal to simply own a file in a folder that’s shared on a network!?

On listservs and in interviews, some university administrators have recently questioned the validity of some of these takedown notices because they say they do not have any record of a download at the named IP address at the specified time. RIAA officials said this is because investigators performed only a “handshake.”

2 March 2008

Video Cable Resolution Lines.

02MAR08 – I made a computer animation today at 1080 by 768 and looped its playback through an S-video cable to the high-definition television expecting to see a crisp, clear and LARGE version of my time-well-spent. I didn’t. What I forgot was that different video cables support different bandwidths and, hence, different lines of resolution. The television is ready to produce 1,080 lines of data across and 768 up and down. The S-Video cable, however, was capable of about 700 by 486 lines of video resolution. So the image was blurry and the creator was far from satisfied. A refresher course on the many different video cable lines of resolution is needed.

29 February 2008

Blu Planet: Blu-Ray HD Caveats.

29FEB08 – In the high definition video disk format war, Blu Ray has won. It seems that even the winner has versions that behave like multiple personalities where one Blu Ray player won’t play another Blu Ray disk, etc. We’re naming names and part numbers and hoping that Civil War won’t break out among the conspirators that won the Revolution.

19 February 2008

So What Do I Need To Know About Blu Ray Again?

It's finally Blu Ray over HD DVD.

After a plurality of years, it’s Blu Ray, the victor. So is there a good reason that the most expensive, more fragile, most difficult-to-produce high definition format won the battle? Today, Toshiba called it quits even after announcing yesterday that they still had tricks up their sleeves and spending OODLES of cash on HD DVD spots during the Super Bowl…

22 January 2008

GoodTV: Common iPhone Questions.

22JAN08 – Embedding videos and RSS details and podcast promotion is a riot all at once, so we’re determined to mess this up as gracefully as possible. Our new iPhone has lead to a host of new questions from people unafraid, once again, to discuss technology. It’s been a while. Everyone loves the iPhone and there’s a lot to be curious about. We haven’t shot to video for over a year and it shows. We’re linking you here to a 12 and-a-half minutes video with a great voice over and inviting you to ask any unanswered questions below in the Comments.

8 January 2008

Comcast On Demand: Time-Shift Viewing.

07JAN08 – Not to insult the intelligence of those of you who already know, but we feel that not enough other people know about the incredible services that Comcast offers. They’re the biggest, they’re the most hated and they definitely didn’t pay us to write this! Monthly, with enhanced high-speed Internet and Hi-Def television service and two HD boxes, my own service is about $145 monthly. That’s quite a big price tag, but Comcast is cleverly set to something I’ll explain after we learn you some terminology….