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/commentable: You Speak! Figuring Out Next Month's Tasks.
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5 January 2008

You Speak! Figuring Out Next Month's Tasks.

05JAN08 – All good webmasters like to see what it is that people are looking at in the hopes of delivering more of what the people want. With metrics for us on GoDaddy, as simple as they are, we can see what pages are visited for the longest amount of time and which pages are visited most often. While time spent by a single visitor isn’t always an indication that the page wasn’t just walked away from while a baby was crying or dinner was eaten can’t be guaranteed, it’s all we’ve got! Pages at Dinarius that were sticky or most visited can sometimes come as a surprise.

Pages visited ordered by TIME and REQUESTS minus CSS formatting pages.

What was most interesting was the fact that Above The Fold pages are the stsickiest. If ever there’s advertising on Dinarius, it will most likely be there. Above The Fold is a little snippet of news or several combined summaries called a NewsBuzz that link to the story we read that you might like to read. As it turns out, the section’s motto, ‘Brief accounts of stories that might be of interest,’ is true. You love the stories we link to. So it only stands to reason that we should spend a month incorporating Above The Fold into our new /index HTML page designed for mobile devices.

As for mobile devices, you’re all getting a little curious. More often than once a day, someone is curious enough about Gateway Tablet PC’s to stumble into M275 vs M285 which is an older article. There’s also a lot of time spent being introduced to Ultra Mobile PC’s which are the neatest damn thing to happen to computers and your pocket since (and before) iPhones. We introduced you to UMPC’s nearly a year ago when we visited New York in minus 11 degree weather wishing for a map!


Blacked out entries include this authoring page which we spend lots of time on and visit almost three times a day. Also blacked out is the CSS page that EVERY other page refers to for layout purposes – people don’t visit, the site does.

Also, in BLUE are the pages that Google pushes on us. We’ve become the de facto site for people with particular laptop problems. We’re fast becoming the de facto site for eMachines models too – which is the next article I have to write today….


So you see? You speak! We’ve just added a big ASK DINARIUS button on the index page which is www.dinarius.com straight so you can privately ask computer and technology questions. Otherwise, in following your paths and visits, it looks as though you’re about to get more news snippets, more goodness on the amazing Gateway Tablets and even more details about UMPC’s to the point of wanting to own one.

Today I intend ot video tape what this site is doing to fit into UMPC’s and the iPhone with that new, strange homepage. We hope you love it; we hope you learn nearly everything you need to be a smarter computer and technology consumer and THANK YOU!

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.