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/commentable: Yelp! A Free iPhone App
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25 September 2008

Yelp! A Free iPhone App

Perhaps I’m not the last to know, but when trying to find anything local that’s been reviewed by locals, YELP looks like the way to go! As I was cruising through some free apps to download on the iPhone (and iTouch if you’ve got it), several caught my eye and Yelp! was deservedly in the Top 25 of downloaded and rated apps.

YELP iPhone free appJust showing the speed and info provided by YELP’s free iPhone app – other services like this?

I dare say it can’t get more intuitive than it already is, but I’ve been oh, so wrong in the past when I’ve made that claim. It’s clear that the app developers are way ahead of me, but I cannot hide just how tickled I am with what they have already released. Granted, the biggest potential flaw is in the human element: The reviews.

Who’s to say that some group of reviewers don’t flex their collective muscles in a boycott/slander attack of a perfectly good establishment that’s run by grumpy managers who don’t approve of pictures being taken in the store or eating place? Thankfully, Yelp! isn’t some new review site that has only several members. It’s quite well established and loaded with thousands (millions maybe) of members who seem to take pride in posting great numbers of brief reviews. Most seem fairly balanced.

The “judgment community” angle aside, Yelp! itself is vastly entertaining and useful as an iPhone app. Get in, type in the subject of your choice, doughnuts, in my case, and tap Search. Within seconds, after allowing the device to determine your location, you’re presented with a list of nearby places, directions from your location, reviews, estimates on the overall cost (in the form of dollar signs where more is more expensive), a link to the website if they have one, you’re told whether or not the business is OPEN or CLOSED at that time and pictures where available.

It’s a Yellow Pages killer. If a business isn’t yet reviewed by any Yelp! members, the star rating is watermarked out but all other information can be available for you to join Yelp! and be the first to post a review. Kill more time online and find me: Bryan “Thursday Nights” A. at Yelp.com

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