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/commentable: Will The Music Please Begin?
Dinarius = digital interest
8 May 2008

Will The Music Please Begin?

Keeping up with the news focuses your attention on Israel or Microsoft. Music and the industries around it seem secondary at best. What you don’t know won’t kill you, but there’s a War unraged with the parties lining up at this very moment and moving into place. Even they most likely don’t know the mayhem that will come…

Pandora, Lala, Dada, RadioIdols, imeem, Radiotonomy, MySpace Music, iTunes and various other biggies and smallies. They’re all coming in a flood. Music is the next ‘bug’ to hit. Remember MySpace’s success and suddenly, like, a billion social websites came out culminating with NING that let’s you just create your own, inevitably, one-person social network?

Hope that pretty embed worked for you, ‘cause it didn’t for me. Thanks to the Siren of Ease that sings on the Internet, Web 2.0’s are aiming more and more for the music scene. We’ll get more to that later. I just wanted to warm you up a little.

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