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1 July 2008

Review Widgetbox: Making Your Own Blog Widget

Little widget blog and news boxes that update you on everything that’s going on in the world seem to rule the day. Well how could this author stay away?

The process involves creating a user ID and password and ONE MORE SITE. After that, be sure that your Yahoo! Pipes or Blog’s RSS feed is running right and this handy site will search and render the URL of your picking. The Dinarius RSS is provided by Feedburner and Widgetbox had no trouble at all in finding it, all the tags used within the Textpattern system and also, all the graphics that are used on the Index page at /commentable.

The few downsides to this well-crafted online service (no doubt designed to be bought by some big company for tons of millions of dollars) is that podcast MP3 feeds aren’t rendered, excerpt copy can’t be trimmed with a word count feature, and the final widget is in Flash meaning that your iPhone visitors will wonder what all the fuss is about; at least until they let Flash run on the iPhone.

Setting the background and size and amount of content to display is mostly just an issue of filling in boxes or checking and unchecking other boxes. Widgetbox makes the awkward task of publishing a widget (they call a Blidget) just about as painless as we’ve ever seen. Want to keep your Facebook and MySpace friends up to date? With previously unseen ease, Widgetbox let’s you pick your service and insert the widget with no code fuss what-so-ever.

It’s almost like webmaster someday won’t even be needed! Just kidding. New users will never get the hang of FeedFlaming and RSS’ing categorized feeds and Yahoo! Pipes. Whew!

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  1. CORRECTION before anyone catches my error… The wizard that lets you Embed the Widget or Blidget (stupid name) gives you a Flash option by default, but also a JavaScript option which means that iPhone visitors will NOT be wondering what all the fuss is about. Incredibly well thought out service.

    Comment by BryanA. on 3340 days ago #

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