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/commentable: Wallpapering Bigger Desktops Smarterly
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19 August 2008

Wallpapering Bigger Desktops Smarterly

Unfortunately, nothing says, “this is who I am,” like a Desktop wallpaper. Leave the factory default entact and you’re admitting to a fear of exploration and creativity. Pick a Jessica Alba boobie picture and you’re labeled a perv for life; use a picture from a movie you liked and you’ll be explaining the movie for the rest of your life and defending your choice to the death since even the best movies have detractors. So why not rub the on-looker’s face in your choice of wallpapers?

Old literature images for desktops make you look a little smarterly.

I took ages upgrading a 1280×1024 17-inch to a 1440×900 19-inch widescreen. 19-inches makes you think that you’re upsizing a great deal, no? Aha! The great RIPOFF of widescreen. Indeed 19-inches diagonal and significantly more cost, but when doing the math, 1280 times 1024 delivers 1.3 million pixels where 1440 times 900 delivers only 1.2 million! But we’re not here to do math.

1.310.720 and 1.296.900 are the actual results from the pixel counts on the 17-inch and 19-inch respectively. Since our human eyes are split horizontally, widescreen monitors seem to have more picture since they invade more of our peripheral vision. The psychology of a narrower picture makes it look bigger and more wide too. The 16:9 aspect ratio jump was the greatest, smartest most cost-effective cheat the industry has taken in ages. We pay MORE for LESS and are easily convinced otherwise since the measure of a monitor’s diagonal has always been meaningless. If you don’t believe that, then why is the 19-inch SMALLER than the 17-inch! Hmmmm?

“Upgrading” to my 19-inch monitor meant searching out new desktop wallpaper since my old, custom-made no longer fit correctly. It’s aesthetic and truly meaningless to the performance of the computer (assuming it’s not Web Content and interactive in any way [widets, weather, webpage, etc.]) but as I said above, your choice of useless pictures will define you! So I went with an image from an old bit of literature that the copyright is dead on. A quick search for images shows that the bigger your desktop dimensions, the more women and science-fiction you’re likely to encounter.

Google Image results for 1440x900

One of the funniest results and commentaries about Internet society is that pervs seem to live in the 19-inch to 22-inch range for monitors. The closer you get to Mount Olympus pixel counts that should fit 26-inch and larger monitors, the fewer naked women and Jessica Alba pictures there are and more space ships and Linux jokes there are.

The big warning is that you should always be cautious when surfing for free stuff. Wallpapers and little animated kittens and puppies and various cutesies can be laden with spy-ware malware and other, more virus like surprises. As a technician, I’ve seen otherwise perfect surfers kill their computers by downloading an installing a desktop wallpaper which is a big no-no. Wallpapers for the desktop should not be ‘installed’ per se. All you should have to do is right-click the image of your choice and select, “Set as Background,” or “Set Background as Wallpaper,” and the rest is magic.

If a wallpaper asks for any kind of permissions, say no and pick a new picture.


From OldBooks.org has images a-plenty like the one I picked, Guy’s Cliffe
from: Morris, F. O.: “Picturesque Views of Seats of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland” (1870)

PS: Attention non-English people. Smarterly is not really a word. Only use it when you know that.

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