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/commentable: Good MP3 Super Pi 3.1415926535... (2M)
Dinarius = digital interest
9 November 2007

Good MP3 Super Pi 3.1415926535... (2M)

This episode looks at a little program that’s free to download and use and distribute called Super Pi! It’s version 1.5 XS and measures your processor’s ability to calculate up to 32 MILLION decimals of Pi. As you remember, Pi is the never-repeating number approximated by dividing 7 into 22: 3.141… and so forth, possibly forever.

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Super Pi RAR
Super Pi ZIP
Super Pi EXE – (not available)

If nothing shows above while using IE7, please find the show here: http://www.dinarius.com/audio/GOOD02m.mp3

Our tests are revealed in the show and we explain why this little number race is so important and what you should do if your results expose a sluggish processor. Also, hear which computer out there is the fastest off the shelf with no modifications! You can also hear me forget most of my tenth-grade math… That’s the embarassing part, but the Super Pi stuff is pretty neat.

Very dry Verification Site:

Pi Verifyication. This means, DON’T close that window that pops up with the results because there’s no other way to get the Checksum Verification without running the test again!

Post a few stats and your Super Pi time and Checksum in the Comments section so we can begin an unofficial benchmarking area others can use. Thanks!

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