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/commentable: Stocks That Hold Their Average Value.
Dinarius = digital interest
15 February 2008

Stocks That Hold Their Average Value.

Information Ninja. Some stock owners like to keep their stock at a certain value. Despite some ups and downs, there are a few symbols that seems to average out in value no matter what. At the beginning of 2008, I was told about the people who own Goldman Sachs, or GS. It seems that regardless of nationwide good or bad news, stock holders just love the $200 value – it’s a stock that holds its average value over time. Our task here is to accumulate a collection of other stocks that also held their values over time even if they moved up and down. A 20% to 30% volatility would be almost expected or preferred. Google Finance BETA is a great way to explore some other ticker symbols.

Stocks that hold their average value.

With all the online day trading that’s available to regular people, it’s a breeze to pick and buy and pick and sell, etc. What if you were to find three to ten stocks that hold their average value? Wouldn’t it be interesting to use those stocks as a gaining vehicle and a group of less valuable, relatively less risk stocks as a holding bin for your gains?

As fantasies go, this one can get expensive, but if you look and look and devote some time to the exploration, you’re sure to find stocks that behave like GS that are cheaper to buy in to. Google Finance is in BETA and it’s wonderful. They refer to uber-cool flash effects, and they’re right. The picture above comes from Google Finance and shows GS over the past year.

I applied the $200 marker retro-actively and didn’t make a fortune, but I also didn’t lose my shirt when holding the gains in Comcast which only lost about $120 of my dollars. Today’s price of GS is $176.5 – it’s a fine time to buy even though it could drop. What time shows is that it’s a reasonable expectation that GS will rise to $200 again. When it falls steadily for a week, I’ve pretended to have pulled out and put the gains elsewhere.

Other than Goldman Sachs, do you know of any other stocks that hold their average value?

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  1. C’mon, D. don’t be shy – you gotta be damn near an Information Ninja about something!? What do you think or what’d you find?

    Comment by BryanA. on 3473 days ago #

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