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/commentable: SiteMeter Crashes Site in IE 6 and 7
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1 August 2008

SiteMeter Crashes Site in IE 6 and 7

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.anysite.com/. Operation aborted was the cute little message greeting me tonight after a few days of noticing that something was fishy with SiteMeter. Fearing something far more devious was amiss, I called a tech-buddy to have him have a look and the blame was the JavaScript SiteMeter runs on page. Note that the page will render up to the point where it makes it call to the SiteMeter mothership for instructions.

This comes just hours after SiteMeter’s Newsletter Vol.10 arrived in my Inbox. I got a chuckle.

For those of you who currently use the SiteMeter Icon that displays the total visitors to your site we wanted to let you know about some forthcoming changes to this feature.

No kidding. It would seem that if you have the little green bars at the bottom of your webpages and especially if you use the Icon that lists the total visitors you’ve had to that page/site, it’s time to strip the code from your page until further notice. Without the code to the webpage visitor counter site, SiteMeter, the Internet Explorer cannot open… warning naturally, does not appear.

SiteMeter code trips IE 6 and 7 with operation aborted

2 Comments for SiteMeter Crashes Site in IE 6 and 7

  1. The programmers at Site Meter must not realize that there are no weekends off when you provide a service to thousands, tens of thousands or more people around the world. Someone will have a lump in their throat once they know they have caused an issue effecting all of their java based users.


    Comment by Mark on 3309 days ago #

  2. The ultimate fix, sitemeter.com is the problem. If you go into your internet explorer security settings and add the following to restricted sites then the page loads.

    Comment by Thomas on 3309 days ago #

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