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/commentable: Rolling With Ruby on Rails Starts Slow
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18 July 2008

Rolling With Ruby on Rails Starts Slow

We’ve been mum here at Dinarius because an uncommonly large task baits our full attention. We’re starting out with Ruby on Rails to solve a simple problem. We’ve got, Simply Rails 2, Ruby on Rails for Dummies (don’t laugh – it’s awfully helpful), Agile Web Development with Rails, RailSpace and Foundations of Ajax to get started. If nothing else comes of it, we can do a book review later. The Pragmatic Programmers, Agile WDw/R is winning so far but with conditions…

We’ve encountered the hiccups that all new RoR developers encounter and here’s a summary:

RadRails is no longer RadRails. It’s Aptana Studio Community Edition with a RadRails “Perspective.” For edit highlighting, it’s a beauty; for Rails Project creation, it’s adding extra code to tout itself which steers us to CREATE AT THE COMMAND LINE and File > Open in Aptana. That’s klunky and killing out time.

This site, http://www.ricocheting.com/… helps you get MySQL _ loaded and running on your computer. It suggests a root password, do it and make it stupid-easy like 1234. Bummer: It doesn’t include the SOB MySQL Administrator which is well hidden at http://www.mysql.com/… at the _Download Binaries & Source link halfway down the page pointing to http://dev.mysql.com/… Frustrating to find, but worth the effort.

No book we have gives the proper command line creation of databases in MySQLAdmin for Windows XP unless we missed it. In your downloaded MySQL Administrator, the first two fields will be blank until you explicitly label them with the project’s name and then you’re gravvy since they’re kept in the History. When trying to access your database via Ruby, with a RAKE command, you’re likely to discover that you don’t have the libmysql.dll installed.

“The procedure entry point mysql_stmt_row_tell could not be located in the dynamic link library libmysql.dll” or “This application has failed to start because LIBMYSQL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

libmysql.dll can lurk in Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server (version)\bin or MySQL Tools for 5.0 or the baffling, Aptana\Aptana Studio\plugins\com.aptana.ide.framework … \jam\jaxer You have to copy libmysql.dll from one of these locations and PASTE it to the Program Files\RUBY\bin folder (in our case because we didn’t use the Instant Rails installer.

If you did use Instant Rails (wimp) you should Paste the libmysql.dll to the mysql\bin folder in the Instant Rails folder.

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