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/commentable: Recession 2008: Is It Over Yet?
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15 May 2008

Recession 2008: Is It Over Yet?

This is the definition of a recession. In January 2008, CNN and other suspected a recession was upon us. TechStocks, the Home Market and New Home Construction fell while commodities and gas prices rose – perhaps the tail wagged the dog, perhaps not. We knew the good times couldn’t last. After consulting the Information Ninja Oracle, a.k.a. The Apple iPhone’s Stock button, current trends no longer indicate a recession. Hasn’t anyone noticed?

Based on the definition of A Recession, you can’t truly know there’s been a recession until it’s already over. That means that as soon as two quarters of economic downturn have passed, the marker would be improvements lasting at least one quarter (three months) thereby snapping the economy out of Recession’s grasp. Guess what? The Information Ninja’s are back in business, baby! Here’s some Recession-snapping images:

The 2008 recession looks more like a misinterpreted 2007 crash.

Does it look to you too like reports of a recession jumped to conclusions following a Stock Market crash? A quick look at Google’s great tool, “Trends,” reveals that when news of a recession broke, ‘recession’ was the term to search. Along came worry and faltering prices and rising commodities.

The 2008 recession might have never happened!

The Trend (magnified) is now to search for the term, ‘gas prices,’ which could be good news. Perhaps, lower gas prices, a rise in new home construction and a drop in commodities will follow. A basic understanding of that principle suggests that the value of the greenback, US currency, will rise and begin more to match the Euro which has outvalued the US Dollar for a very, very long time.

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