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/commentable: OneLife (expired mostly)
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5 September 2006

OneLife (expired mostly)

It’s positively unbelievable what can be done these days via the Internet. Texts, IM’s, Picture Hosting and Phone Calls (remember those) can all be done easier and FREE. (ed. The free VOIP is the best, keep scrolling.) Take this pretty little thing to the left. If you don’t know the way to text a phone through the Internet for your particular carrier, you can use this thing from TextMessage.cc Their terms and Conditions are THREE sentences long promising secrecy and warning that YOU, “Don’t be a moron.”

Visiting their site lets you throw in nearly ANY provider from Miami to Ontario to London and beyond. Knowing the service provider gets your message out faster. Finding the service provider used to be easy until people were allowed to ‘bring their numbers with them.’ Thankfully, this version of TextMessage.cc doesn’t require the Service Provider.

How about that irritating thing when you and your friends are using different IM engines? GTalk, MSN, AOL and a list of other names ‘dominate’ the chatting/IM’ing scene. But users do tend to stick to one client. So let’s add to the toolkit what you see at left: eBuddy.com’s somewhat universal chatter. Their competition, Meebo.com illustrates that eBuddy will need more than just a name change from eMessenger to stay up-to-date. Meebo chats with Jabber/Gtalk and AOL/ICQ and offers about 50 different languages if the pictures don’t seem to help. You can also “sign on as invisible” with Meebo. *NOTE: Your IT dept may block these services…

If only you could make totally free phone calls, right? Skype 2.5 let’s you! BUT it requires 9.85 MB of Skype. After eBay bought Skype, Skype services U.S.A. to U.S.A. and Canada to Canada are 100% totally free with no strings attached. We tried it…

SKYPEscreenshotA few EULA clicks and answering machines later, we can say that the 4.06 MILLION other users online were probably just as satisfied as we were. HANG-UPS (pun intended): Incoming calls appear as ‘Unavailable’ which most cellular users block; Offer good only until 31DEC06 at which time FREE Skype’s fate will be decided; Feedback if your microphone isn’t well insulated from the sound of your speakers – headphones fix this and add; Wires! After all the wireless stuff, headphones and a microphone might get you tangled up; and, NO EMERGENCY CALLS.

The quality of the answering machines we spoke to were quite nice. Slight crackles and ‘bald spots’ differ very little from typical cellular hiccups and flaws. Get it here and be done with it for three months. Faster connections will obviously do better – Free calling; you’re not going to skip this, are you? How VOIP works compliments of the FCC.

Visit SLIBE.
Picture sharing on the cheap requires only a User Name at SLIBE.com Thanks to its growing success, it has a lot to offer as a buddy site; thanks to the fact that you’ve never heard of it, it’s really fast and easy to access. The image above is made with three SLIBE images including their logo. PhotoBucket is slow, Flickr is odd and this is just what it sounds like: Sign up, Upload, Link. That’s it.

Edit PDF files as well as read them with the incredible Foxit Software downloadable for free. Adobe Acrobat Reader? About $400. While not as pretty or as capable, the Foxit Software enables professional presentations for web, print or e-mail. The Editor software is new.

Google's WordTranslator
Google was the first to offer a really good pop-up blocker in a downloadable toolbar way back when. By default, one great asset to their toolbar, the WordTranslator, is turned OFF. When ON, any English word your mouse is above reveals what is called a ‘tooltip.’ The tooltip shows that word in several different languages which is no end of useful when you live in Miami.

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.