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/commentable: Nest Thermostat temporarily sold out
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8 February 2012

Nest Thermostat temporarily sold out

It wasn’t long ago that everyone was reading how an iPhone ex-pat was applying the ease-of-use to a concept device designed for every household. A touch sensitive thermostat with limited controls for you to see, but loads of brain to keep you cozy in your nest. The Nest Thermostat.

Nest thermostat heating and away with sensors

I haven’t touched one, but I want to. There’s a lot of tech crap that glistens out there that I want to have and to hold but none of it saves me money. The Nest surly will though.

Nest thermostat is touch sensitive simplifying control

When you’re away on vaycay, you lucky dog, the Nest knows because it has motion sensors. When you crank up the A/C at 1PM in the Summer because you’re too lazy to buy covers for a certain window, the Nest knows this habit and will learn to do it for you. (!) When you like things toasty in a snow-less Winter and snow and windy chills are expected tomorrow, the Nest not only knows the forecast, but will bump up the heat ahead of time beating you to the toasty punch!

Nest thermostat is only for some A/C wiring

It’s connected to Wi-Fi services if you have a wi-fi signal in your house; otherwise I guess you’ll have a $250 Nest for nothing. The Nest Thermostat’s website has a wire pre-requisite that you have to check on to be safe. My old thermostat lifts from the bottom after releasing a catch. Then you can see just what code of wires controls the thermostat you’re using now that doesn’t love you.

Though enthusiastic, cats cannot install Nest thermostats

The Nest website also has links to professional installers they call Concierge. As much as it breaks my heart, while curious about A/C units and their noises, bushy-tailed cats CANNOT install the Nest Thermostat. So it’s not a perfect technological advance and the thing is sold out. But I’m on the list anyway.

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