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/commentable: Meet a blogger and make a blog.
Dinarius = digital interest
26 October 2010

Meet a blogger and make a blog.

I’m a happy and passive member of a Washington D.C. foodie community and get to meet a lot of great people when I go out places. I bring with me tech knowledge and an interest in how these bloggers work and what tools they use to chirp and tweet and blog and post about food and other things edible.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, I meet someone to whom my rants and tech rabble are meaningless. I love it. Most of the bloggers and foodies I meet are in the throes of not knowing which of many messages they want to share, is the one to share. Without knowing your audience, how do you know what’s best to say?

amy e andrews Georgetown dc dusk sky

I have been delightfully surprised to have met a blogger who is right on track with herself. She does not have any desire to monetize. She has a Twitter following that would send a PR rep into frenzy mode i.e. Can I buy you a drink? Will you mention my client? Aren’t you lovely tonight and how many Unique Visitors a month did you say?

My own blogging has taken a turn for the vague – digital interest. It’s a broad scope but one that I truly love bouncing around in. And Amy E. Andrews has answered for herself the first question I get from current bloggers – what’s my hook/what’s my thing? How do you tie a bunch of thoughts together? During our good time getting to meet each other, she volunteered that her New Year’s resolution for 2010 was to make every effort to post one photo and whatever comment came to mind once a day.

Her picture again (and I’m hoping she doesn’t mind I use it) is a recent representation of her eye; it’s quick, it’s a now thing, it’s a snap in some random moment in a day in her life that she thought you might like. Monetizing her blog, she told me repeatedly at a beer tasting, is not the goal. So I visited her blog on Posterous and her profile on Twitter not expecting to see even a fraction of the consistency and followers that she maintains. It’s really great, it’s fast and it’s easy. So many people enjoy bonding with a little moment in her life that I’ll spend the next few months referring wandering bloggers to her site.

Comically, of course, even she doesn’t quite know what to do at year’s end despite this great path she’s on, but I think it will work itself out. Follow Amy on Twitter if you like cat people, sing-along broatcasts and Body Combat classes! What a gal!

And let me add…

Blogging software is super-easy to come by. I know a man who wanted to blog from the point of view of his Irish Deer Hound – Textpattern for him. I know a girl who can’t wait to blog more about food – Wordpress for her. I know a couple who teams up on stories about their favorite cities – Squarespace for them. Blogging software is everywhere and so are the people who you can get support from.

This blog uses Textpattern because life is just too boring and needs some complicated coding for no reason at all! What blogging software does is organize your writing by tying it to a publish date, title, author and any little extras added along the way. Images, videos and audio get tied in to that writing. Blogging is just a Content Management System, a CMS and the craze of 2002!

The toughest thing about blogging is what to write about!? You’re such a deep and complicated person such that pigeon-holing your creativity to a few scant topics just doesn’t seem fair! Good practice though says you should. So what do you like most to talk about when you’re out with friends? What magazines do you look at first when browsing the periodical section? Perhaps, like Amy, you can combine passions. Blogging is fun and I’m glad Amy shares – I hope you will too.

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.