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/commentable: Make your own art habitat
Dinarius = digital interest
6 March 2012

Make your own art habitat

I know that Dinarius is now a domain of Digital Interest and there are great little changes coming to make it more so. Before I can get to those changes, I’ve been tasked with creating my first art show. It’s been liberating to open up again and see things in a fundamental light in the context of how to show them to others. So when Good Magazine posted The GOOD 30-Day Challenge I thought a few of you readers might like the exercise to make the world your art habitat this month.

dining table with whiskey, candle aperture test f-stop Diana F+
Test shot for focus and F-Stop settings on the Diana F+ for more work shortly that won’t be in my little dining room.

You visit the site and ‘check off’ what you’ve done for March so that you can take part in a public survey. Items include:

Visit a museum or gallery
Take a street art walking tour
Take a photo
Research an artist
Create something handmade and give it to someone
Sign up for an art class
Create a floral or stone arrangement
Make a self-portrait
Doodle for 10 minutes straight
Frame something you have been meaning to frame
Sketch somebody and give them the picture
Create a font type for your name

and more totaling 31 items. I’ve already checked three off for the first five days since the art show I’m creating has me already on the path down this list. That makes me happy to be able to! Through March I’ll share a little more if it makes sense to do so – but I thought there might be other code writers and photographers and Digital Interest bugs who would find this inviting.

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.