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/commentable: Ma.Gnolia, Textpattern, Wet and The XML-RPC Server
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27 June 2008

Ma.Gnolia, Textpattern, Wet and The XML-RPC Server

Overall web happiness. Dinarius, designed (that term is arguable) in Textpattern (TXP), indexed in HTML and linked to by two (2) sites, per Alexa, languishes. It’s also a repository for some of the knowledge things that this author likes to keep handy. God forbid the Internet ever vanish; I’ll be in third grade again. As an invocation to the muse of Web 2.0, I’ve tried to plunge head-first into Social Networking services I used to shun only to bump my head on deadends. Ma.Gnolia shares webpage bookmarks very simply. To install it at Dinarius which is run by Textpattern CMS database magic, Ma.Gnolia requested the location of my XML-RPC server something something dot php.

Countless rejections helped me find a TextPattern group at Ma.Gnolia which is the only group to which I belong. I’m an infant in their midst. On the TXP Forum, I detected that someone’s question about turning RSS Feeds in to TXP posts ran parallel to what the Ma.Gnolia group was troubled with when trying to get the bookmark service to combine with TXP. The original Forum question from Boby Dimitrov:

Erm, the title’s quite foggy, so this is what I’m wondering:
I have a TXP blog. I have a Google Reader account. I share items in the Reader, which are openly accessible via RSS. Is it possible to show those shared items (the RSS feed) on some page of the blog?

What Boby wants gets further refined by Admin maverick who finally addresses my input about the XML-RPC Server and Ma.Gnolia. I don’t fully understand it, but I find it helpful and am creating this blog entry to bookmark in the Ma.Gnolia Web 2.0 service for the sake of my friends at the TextPattern group and I might have to take a nap now because this Social Networking Web 2.0 World of widgets and OpenID’s is hurting me.

That’s a bit of a different approach than rss feeds. It’s a bit tangent/OT, but just to clarify: the xmlrpc is a separate directory in texptattern. Its URI won’t look quite like a normal Txp page. It will be http://www.site.com/“xlmrpc directory name”/index.php.
PHave you read/asked for help w/ the XML-RPC server here or here:?
PAfter the original developer for the XML-RPC server became inactive this semi-add-on feature languished. Wet has taken over the development of it in recent months. It is tentatively scheduled to be included in Txp 4.0.7 and is available now through svn.
PWithout out being disagreeable, from what I remember, I don’t think xPattern was birthed over this issue. At the moment I think Wet (Txp) is the only one actively developing it.

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