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/commentable: Love The Bean.
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17 August 2006

Love The Bean.

8.17 – In a heated and uneducated discussion about coffee, one of our own Dinariusites referred to American Coffee as nothing more than “cups of colored water.” This off-handed slap in the face was tied in with her favoritism for Cuban Coffee and Cafe con Leche which are coffees made not with drip style grinds, but with espresso grinds.

Before we begin the in-your-face come back to this heathen’s comment, here’s an absolute perfect treat for you coffee lovers… We stumbled upon a mix of grinds that appeals to everyone who tries it, really. You’ll need a tablespoon of Maxwell House that we found in a green brick and a tablespoon of Pilon expresso coffee. The smooth brute that about 16oz of water yields through that mix is an eye-opening velvet-tongued cup ready for sugar, cream or nuthin’ at all…

The players...
Anyhow, what are cups of colored water throughout our lives anyway? Are they really things to be mocked and cast aside? Hardly – freeze the ones with an apple flavor and you get ice cubed popsicles like Mom used to make; wrap them for astronauts in aluminum foil and you get Capri Sun and who didn’t like that?; go on a road trip in the eighties and you brought Tang! Nature’s most bizarre DIY orange juice with an unmistakable flavor; “More Ovaltine, please!”; that killer jug with the happy mug – Kool Aid! oh yeah!; what of humming bird bird feeders filled with nothing more than water with sugar?

The pleasers...
Not a culture in the World doesn’t celebrate some form of cocoa and/or caffine. A very nice and strange little website devoted entirely to FAQ’s about coffee and caffine is CoffeeFAQ.com Roasting enthusiasts have probably heard of SweetMaria’s.com It’s a funky little site that delivers a little too much information with very little visual appeal. No problem, the National Coffee Association has provided us with CoffeeScience.org

The science behind coffee is an overt attempt to justify why we drink so much of it. By ‘we,’ I refer to ‘humans.’ Coffee provides antioxidants, can be made into an energetic smoothie and seems to numb drinkers to pain as quoted here:

“Our recent research demonstrated that caffeine reduced the pain experienced during moderate-intensity cycling exercise,” explains Dr. Robert W. Motl, Director of the Exercise Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Also, your ‘cup of colored water’ can possibly protect against Type 2 diabetes! I mean, really, the list just goes on. For a drink that’s typically 98% water, any form of it has amazing effects on this magnificant species. That is, until you try to quit it; headaches from caffeine withdraw are mean and nasty things that only coffee can relieve.

The praise of computer users alone should be enough to humble our verbose little drip-coffee pooh-pooh’er. Musing of an espresso maker at the Text Analysis Developers Alliance; a coffee brewing computer by German computer and coffee lover, Rene G.; many tips on avoiding spy trouble where coffee and computers converge by IronGeek; Esther and Dory at the LinuxCaffe in Toronto.

The pictures...
Socially, coffee and tea are the civil things to do. Despite differences in people and cultures, everyone can come together over a cup of coffee putting judgments and reservations aside, if briefly. Hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla flavors asail the senses and stomp out most of what separates cultures. That’s only to be exected, after all, aren’t we homo sapiens just big bags of colored water?

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