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/commentable: iPhone Pumps Google Mobile. (Act Surprised.)
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14 January 2008

iPhone Pumps Google Mobile. (Act Surprised.)

Information Ninjas are perhaps the most valuable and under rated geeks on Earth.

14JAN08 – Love it. This isn’t really news, but as an Information Ninja, you have to read it for what it is. “Google Sees Surge in iPhone Traffic,” is the title of a nytimes.com article. We’re playing the Stock Market, we need to think of what the masses are going to think when they see this. What we should really think is, “guess the NYTimes had nothing better to write.”

A half million iPhones went out in the first two days they were available. Now, even I have one and I like to hang on to things for ages (just ask my 1993 Chrysler and my previous, six-year-old cell phone). The iPhone can surf the Internet. It’s a very cool feature that’s at the center of why I bought it and it’s little AT&T contract too. When I close out all Safari web browsing windows/tasks, whatever they’re called, one remains. It has several favorite bookmarks already set in including Yahoo! which also reported ‘surprising’ iPhone visits. Google.com/m is the one it slides to when there’s nothing to surf toward on opening.

So, by default, MILLIONS of mobile Internet surfers are hitting on google.com/m meaning Google MUST see a surge in iPhone traffic or they’d be downright dumb as bricks.

Yahoo! and Google share pre-entered bookmark status with AT&T and Apple so the iPhone does not fail to go somewhere when you've not told it to go anywhere once online.  It's a real friggin' miracle.

The data is striking because the iPhone, an Apple product, accounts for just 2 percent of smartphones worldwide, according to IDC, a market research firm. Phones powered by Symbian make up 63 percent of the worldwide smartphone market, while those powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile have 11 percent and those running the BlackBerry system have 10 percent.

It’s totally true that the iPhone makes Internet surfing on a PHONE awfully damned entertaining. I’ve used those odd-ball berries with Sprint and who-all with micro keyboards and no touchscreen and no easy zoom function and no sexy sliding of webpages. It was odd-ball, micro, not easy and un-sexy. I left feeling unwanted and used.


Remember, this is the section where I make predictions and hope I’m not going to have my foot in my mouth. APPLE will rise above $200 on the news. GOOGLE will rise 35 to 45 on the news; I don’t think it will go to $700 on this news. It’s Monday today – by Wednesday, Symbian, Treo, Sprint Internet mobile people will cry “foul,” and explain that Google.com/m is a default bookmark – not a result of some, secret people’s choice award. Prices will then return to ‘crap’ along with everything else that the housing market is dragging down with it. By Friday, prices will be right back where they were this morning or possibly worse.

Day trader? Buy now, sell tomorrow afternoon and make a few hundred bucks; maybe a thousand. If you do, leave a happy comment and you’re welcome! On the other hand….

MONDAY OPEN :: $177.60(AAPL) $650.01(GOOG)
WEDNESDAY CLOSE :: $159.64(AAPL) $615.95(GOOG)

16JAN08 – ouch. Crappy crystal ball…. At one hundred shares a piece, this would be a phenominal loss at $1,830.06 No comments, please.

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