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19 March 2012

I'd love it if you came

I’ve been rushing through some ideas to bring a little art to science and science to art in what I’m calling, the Exposition of Light. It’s a gallery show at Chloe’s Coffee Bar and Gallery in Maryland. Naturally, I’d love it if you came!

Exposition of Light

I don’t know much about these Meet The Artist nights, but I frequent the tiny, little Coffee Bar, so maybe we’d have time to chat during a chance encounter away from the friends and opening night “crowd.”

This being the first solo show I’ve ever done meant that deciding a theme was simple – I’d start at the beginning: “Light.” The first thing I teach my photography students is what PHOTOGRAPHY means. It’s simple enough: Writing with Light.

What most people don’t know enough about is where it comes from – how it really works and what more we could do with it. So this Exposition sets about to illustrate and move to the front of your mind this thing that we really take for granted.

It’s been a blast! How do you get the point across that every square meter of Earth receives an average of 1400 WATTS of energy from the sun every second/minute/hour, etc.? If you’re me, you get that point across by trying to burn your house down wiring no fewer than 14 100 WATT bulbs together in a square meter of blue-painted 1/4-inch plywood.

This being science+art, I had to use Blender to find the best lines and measurements to get the most even lighting possible.

14 points evenly spread on a square

So it’s not snobbery photography, it’s not better than you brush strokes and abstract movements; it’s my best, fastest ever attempt to bring interesting geek-shit to people. The Sun! Light! Try and live without it; it’s everywhereness awesome!

Appearances will be made by Solography, the 1400 WATT meter-board, Scanography, 120mm medium format photography, hand-illustrated Sun and Lens diagrams and, if I’m really fast enough, an invention that bends LIGHT to show you exactly how you appear to others – a mirror that follows you where ever you go.

The Exposition of Light.

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  1. Congrats Bryan! Can’t wait to see the show!!!

    Comment by Mary on 1980 days ago #

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