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/commentable: How Do I Get More Than 200 Visits A Week?
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11 May 2008

How Do I Get More Than 200 Visits A Week?

An e-mail from reader in the midwest asks this. The answer is hard work, and less of it. Judging by the statistics (newly algorithmized) at Alexa, there’s a vast majority of websites at the 200 VPW bubble. Even a good week is tempered by a week with a day where people seemed to vacation from visiting bringing the average, once again, to 200 visitors per week.

The first bubble seems to average at about 35 visits per week. Another at a hundred, the next at about 200 and another still higher at around 1,200. It isn’t until you receive about FIVE Thousand visits per week that you can monetize your site. So what is it that these 5,000 people look for in a site’s content?

At five thousand and beyond, you’ll notice that the site has more of a newspapery look and cleanliness to it than most sites. Blogs and layouts drift from the flashy and proud-to-be-self-made look to the more humble or organized professional layout. Granted, off-color or more creative layouts can still garner tons of attention, but they focus more on the next bit.

Narrow your focus. Although you didn’t link to the site for us to see and show-off for you, you described its functions as reaching way out and wrote it up as a site that tries to cover lots of details that are only related to each other by the fact that you cover them. Some of the most misunderstood people in life are the jack-of-all-trade types. Some of the most misunderstood websites on the Internet are the jack-of-all-trade types. At least have your Homepage filter the most recent articles in any given category so it looks like the site has a more narrow focus.

Wear a tee-shirt. You’re awfully busy in the sports scene and hundreds of people see you almost daily. Advertising says that 3% of them will steal a look at what your hawking and 30% of them will stick around for a second look. Before too many weeks, you’ll double your visitorship thanks to just exposing yourself. Your tee shirt, actually.

You have a great sense of humor! Let people take that with them. Don’t cover yourself in the attempt to get noticed for professionalism. This isn’t the medium to smother your winning personality (from what we read). Inject it from this day forward into your writing and (the new idea) release all those pictures you take one day at a time in a format that others can e-mail to each other or use on other sites. If you have your .htaccess file blocking image sharing, unblock it and make amusing captions for your images that link back to you! Go viral with style and content.

This isn’t new, but as much time as you spend getting physically involved, get cyber involved too. Find like-minded people and start connecting with intelligent comments on bulletin boards and comment websites with your site in the signature fields. If the other visitors find some good insight in your participation, they’ll likely begin that following that will help your visits per week grow.

So, since you already invest a lot of time into what you love, do so with self-promotion on your mind. Make cards, mention the site as you would your name, get the tee-shirt, consider a little reformat to appear newsy in looks online, publish the photos with a way for others to share them and bring out that personality!

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.