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/commentable: Good Unrelated Questions
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24 November 2008

Good Unrelated Questions

From the Top Search Queries in Google’s Webmaster Tools come two very good questions that other folks may be asking…

Can you scan an MP3 music file for viruses? The short answer is yes; the details differ from method to method…

The key to scanning any file of any type is that your computer has to first have total control of it – this naturally is required by any viruses so that they may in turn, take control of or infect, your computer.

A music download client like Limewire scans the intergrity of all music files and cannot identify any specific virus, but can alert a user to a music file that is somehow flawed. The best advice is to reject the download in case the flaw is, in fact, a virus of some sort.

An antivirus software will scan and identify and delete or quarantine any virus it recognizes within its database no matter what type of file is being scanned. For this reason, it’s paramount to allow your software to update and grab new virus definitions and new versions of itself since viruses that are more advanced are designed to attack and fool antivirus software.

Can you replace the battery that is INSIDE a stylus for a Gateway Tablet PC? And the short answer is no.

My only gripe about the Gateway M Series tablets (I love them otherwise as toys and tools) is that despite years of extabished battery technology preceeding their release, Gateway still managed to goof the stylus’s sent with each unit. Used units typically ship with TWO stylus’s since they’re so regularly defective right out of the box.

If you receive a stylus that works, there is a 100% chance that, even under the best of conditions and care, your stylus battery will die. The stylus’s were manufactured to remain sealed. Opening a stylus for the M275, M280 and M285 will bring about its destruction unless you’re really handy with super glue.

I rely on extension 17 at buydakota.com since they’re re-sold and re-furbished Gateways have been 95% tip-top and they have an ample supply of stylus’s on hand for the M series Gateway Tablet PC lover. Thusfar, I’ve ordered fourteen for my own M280 and those tablets belonging to my clients.

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