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/commentable: Good MP3: Web 2.0 WTF?
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21 July 2008

Good MP3: Web 2.0 WTF?

Why use Web 2.0? What’s this Social Network stuff good for? Can Web 2.0 help me? What are the best Social sites to join?

I’ve even spoken with experts and experienced computer users who fear the Social Network driven Web 2.0 “stuff” out there. Good news! Before I got to busy with Ruby on Rails to update the site everyday, I bounced around with Web 2.0 services like Facebook, MyBlogLog, Flock, friendfeed, Flickr, PodCastAlley, MySpace, Seesmic, Ma.Gnolia and OpenID and received absolutely stunning results without more effort. I expect that this won’t fully sway skeptics, but you should hear what benefits came from my work of several days in plumbing the depths on your behalf.


I’m embarassed that it’s a long show. GoodMP3 is typically 10 to 13 minutes in length. This pushes 25 but it’s worth the extra sixth of an hour. With hundreds of networks out there, wouldn’t it be nice to know just where to begin? And hey! We can finally be friends… nice.

Intro and where I’ve been and web2.0 intro about two weeks ago.
2:00 Gushing about Flock. Again! With better examples of the social network browser. No joke, guys. Get it. Just get it now.
5:00 Why make a show about the unexpected Web2.0 benefits to blogs? avc.blogs.com/blogging is dead article Naturally, you consider that you have something to say that’s useful to at least a handful of people around the Internet/World, use Web2.0 to, not go viral, but enhance your visibility.
7:00 What this (signing-up to numerous web 2.0 sites on a total lark) did for Dinarius.com – a much-neglected-by-the-masses knowledge blog that acts as a repository for things that I’m interested in… I’ll spoil some of the surprise, the effects are quantitatively measurable in both Google WebMaster Tools and Alexa’s online measure of a website’s Rank among the other one-hundred MILLION sites. Hence, a rank of 1,100,000th puts you near the top ONE PERCENT of websites online.
10:00 Back to Flock to organize x-ray vision (listen to the show) into Friend Activity for Flickr and Facebook.
www.flickr.com/photos/bryanadinarius can create a Media Stream in the Media Bar of art I make that you might like. You can also search out more talented cave painters and gather up their art that Flock puts on display just for you.
12:00 OpenID, the solution to this web 2.0 sign-in password/userID SNAFU that might otherwise deter you.
14:00 Putting in userid and pass and have all your social stuff come to you, can you?
16:00 The opposite: have the WORLD see all the junk that you do online so that they can come to you in a multitude of ways.
16:45 Full circle with OpenID and MyBlogLog to complete your infection via Web2.0
19:00 I should be saying “Flock” not “Flickr” about its 90 second installation.
21:00 CBAN promo. So well produced it amazes me. Dig it.
23:00 Looking for nuggets. Don’t ask. It’s over in two minutes.

What I don’t say in the show, but should have, was to start your foray into the Web 2.0 jungle by going to http://www.openid.net and getting started right there. Then you could filter your future sign-ups by only signing in to social sites that accept the OpenID (which is alive and well despite no news coming from the OpenID.net camp). Ma.Gnolia is helpful but a lonely service. Seesmic pulls the curtain back on your life, so you might not care for that too much, and friendfeed is just about the neatest way to track whoever you’re entranced by after Flock (which is the best way to track whoever you’re entranced with. Like Patricia. Ahhh.).

Anyhow, love it, read it in French if you like (button at top) and sign up for Computer Blues and News if you haven’t already. Cheers! See you around! ;)

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