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/commentable: Good MP3: LIVE Visitor Stats!
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9 April 2008

Good MP3: LIVE Visitor Stats!

Now that visit trackers aren’t consistently tracking robot visits and they can all be used to fact-check one another, wouldn’t it be great, as a budding webmaster, to see WHO’S ONLINE this very second, where they’re from, how long they’re likely to visit, and, most profitably, most likely how many visits you’re likely to receive next month? Drawing advertisers to site requires that kind of information and it’s almost all free. In an effort to share and reduce the confusion that’s out there with new or timid webmasters, GoodMP3 shows you how to micromanage site visits to maximize your site’s attraction!


Note at the bottom of this very page, and ALL pages under Dinarius.com, that you can see how many people from anywhere in the World are ONLINE this very second. This information can be depressing (in our case, we’re averaging 1.43 people an hour) or uplifting (some sites can boast 27 readers at any given moment). It’s honestly too much fun to know when you’re sharing a page or site with someone from somewhere else in the World. That’s, whos.amung.us

Advertisers don’t especially care what you think of your site. They know you like it. They want to know that NEXT WEEK or even farther out in time, OTHER PEOPLE will like your site and the ad will stand a chance of getting clicked. SiteMeter (also at the bottom of this page) works hard to forecast traffic on a given site. Each hour and day, week and month can change the outlook of the following hour, day, week or month. The only trouble is that SiteMeter requires a considerable amount of running time on your site to gather up enough of a history to properly perform its forecasts – so don’t hesitate another MINUTE. Click the SiteMeter link below and get yours immedately. Then tell us all about it in the Comments below!

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