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/commentable: Good MP3: Getting Pumped For Databases.
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9 April 2008

Good MP3: Getting Pumped For Databases.

It’s not often that we welcome horrible learning curves. Taking on new knowledge isn’t exactly something that new webmasters are thankful for even if they enjoy the pride of being self-taught. In this episode of Good MP3, we focus our sites on the newer or more timid webmasters of the World who should now find the brass to update their techniques to 1995 cutting-edge technology of PHP and the 2001 bleeding-edge of CMS controls, Textpattern.


Getting dirty with databases, even slowly and timidly so, is a well-guarded activity with Textpattern. Changing the entire look or just adding a new area for advertising on a site-wide scale used to take weeks with just HTML no matter how clever you were. Now, you might find yourself ready to take the dip into CMS and database work that cuts that down to a one minute task.

If you or a webmaster you know is just starting out or even quite solid with HTML and they enjoy surfing the web and work crazy-hard to manage and keep up a web presence, it’s time to consider upgrading nearly everything to make the Web a better place! Take a listen and Comment below – we can all be in this growth and confusion together!

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