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27 March 2008

Good MP3: Everest Home Edition Free

As technicians, we spend lots of valuable time re-identifying components in computers when driver disks aren’t present.  Time really is money, or, more to the point, Knowledge is Wealth (see above).  In this enduring episode of GoodMP3, Bryan spills the beans about one of the most useful tools ever created that can identify chips, components and peripherals at the click of a button.  No other tool online is so thorough, comprehensive or helpful when you’re in a crunch.  And we weren’t even paid to say so!

Can’t see/hear anything above with IE7 or the iPhone?  Then use this link to get to or save http://www.dinarius.com/audio/GoodMP3everest.mp3


It’s not often we tell you what to do.  But if you’re a technician who needs to save time diagnosing a computer thoroughly or re-install mystery drivers when the client hasn’t provided a disk, downloading the most recent Everest Home Edition will earn you massive Brownie Points around the water cooler and possibly double the amount of repairs you affect in a day.

Download Lavalys Everest Home Edition for free (executable – 4.028MB – not a timed trial) from us here or from Major Geeks download page (beware the trick advertising)here, or from Lavalys (many products, good luck finding the FREE one).

What Bryan neglected to cover in his 12 minute ramble where he installs and uses the program on multiple computers before your very ears, is the Memory section.  Everest Home Edition will grant you access not only to all available sensors on the motherboard (normally only available in BIOS), but reveal second-by-second Utilization of Physical RAM memory, Swap Space used by Windows to multi-task, and Virtual Memory used by Windows to accompany RAM all in the form of percentages.

When your computer or your client’s computer is utilizing more than 20 to 30% without performing a single Task, you bet you need more RAM or you need to unbloat the Windows GUI.  You’ll actually see the processor temperature drop as you unclutter the clock.  Changes you make to speed up a computer can be witnessed in real time.  There are several good tools that illustrate memory savings like this, but none do it so cleanly or thoroughly.

1 Comments for Good MP3: Everest Home Edition Free

  1. Bryan,

    I was able to run this link after changing a few settings, The flash dl lastnight was a bunk copy. Not what we were looking for. Talk to you soon Jon

    Comment by JON on 3423 days ago #

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