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/commentable: Good MP3: Converting and More Embedding Videos.
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21 February 2008

Good MP3: Converting and More Embedding Videos.

If you haven’t already, you should test both your browser and computer by seeing which of the basic, 30 second-long embedded videos you can and can’t see at, Viewing and Embedding Videos. The whole topic is a complete mess because there are no standards and corporations change the rules from time to time. So be clear: There is no last word on this. I’m just trying to show you plenty of options and, frankly, some of them suck. Let’s see!

We use Bink and Smacker RAD Video Tools to turn WMV files into AVI files. It’s free and offers almost too many options.

Here’s 11 minutes naming names and tip-toeing through applications that convert one file type to another. Without standards in the industry, you must try to minimize the number of resources that you use to accomplish whatever embedding you’re after. You’ll hear bits and pieces that I simply forget to write about here. Get a pencil and paper and try to listen along….


A life saver to this BLOG is that embedding audio is handled quietly and easily by that fancy plugin above. It’s txp:jnm_audio for TextPattern. But video? There are Flash solutions that will envelope your uploaded video file and create a little order, but I never examined any. Obviously we should and before we do, let’s examine what happens to data along the conversion trail.

Not all computers visiting your embedded video will render the code the same way. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and Quicktime all have dibs on video files. One or NONE are sure to try their luck with the embedded file. As discussed earlier, OBJECT tags are beginning to fail! They’re being replaced with JAVASCRIPT reference pages which demand extra effort.

File sizes jump wildly when converting video from WMV to:
WMV: 2.06 MB _821 kbps_ AVI: 10.5 from 1.73 MB 810 kbps
MOV: 6.95 from 2.77 MB _1533 kbps_ M4V: 2.89 from 4.40 MB 1658 kbps

Unfortunately, the camera I used assigned different kbps bitrates to all four different videos. They’re all about 30 seconds long. Thankfully, converting the videos locked the bitrate to 512 kbps.


I’m from an old school of thought that says we shouldn’t take up much space on the Internet and W3C strict standards are for wussies. I’ve noted that horrible violations of W3C strict standards will get you banned from certain search engines. So, okay, I’m willing to pay closer attention. EMBED tags aren’t evil, but they’re certainly not the way it should be done. Agreed?

Including Quicktime in a Webpage.

So what of file sizes? I do still think that smaller is just fine. I don’t want to lose sleep at night thinking that I had anything to do with clogging the Intertoobz with junk bandwidth. In examining the embedded movie MOV format, Dinarius rather likes the 200 by 150 pixel size which is superiorily tiny and still gets the point across. Want high-def? Watch porn.

MOV 320×240 512 kbps embedded is 6.95 MB. MOV 200x150 512 kbps embedded is 3.62 MB.
Both are 30 seconds, both require 16 pixels added to height for controls and more than half the viewing size results in about half the storage size. We do still get charged money for that stuff, and so do you. But an M4V? What if we could all see that!
M4V 320×240 512 kbps embedded is 2.89 MB. M4V 200x150 512 kbps embedded is not possible. Using Quicktime Pro locks the properties of the iPhone friendly M4V. Since it’s bigger, takes up less space and looks almost the same, why not buy Quicktime Pro and post all the embedded videos you can make?

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