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/commentable: Flock, not Rockmelt for social browsing
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9 November 2010

Flock, not Rockmelt for social browsing

Browser wars are nothing new. One new contender, however, is advertising quite smartly and might shove my more superior browser off the table if I don’t tell you to use it! Social web browsing is seeing feeds, media, video and RSS updates from one screen. Flock and Rockmelt has it. Flock, though, has it better.

Flock social web browser Mozilla based Chromium powered beats Rockmelt new browser

This will sound terribly confusing – but it is. Yeah, is. You check about 5 to 10 favorite sites a day for new content? Let your browser do it. You want to know when you get new email/messages through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or any dozen others? Let your browser do it. You want to stalk through user images on your favorite social network belonging to guy or girl X? Let your browser open the Media Bar and you can do it will keeping all your web pages entact – you don’t have to re-navigate anywhere. That’s the key; new browsers do all the aggregating for you so a mouse over is all you need to get info. Once you get the hang of a browser doing the work for you, it’s no longer confusing, you will in fact, find more hours in your day.

Flock media bar lets you stalk and sift through images without navigating away from your surfing.

The Flock browser is Chromium powered and Mozilla based so it’s allegedly stable, fast and reliably secure. Furthermore, it spell checks your butt which is why I’ve taken to updating my numerous blogs in Flock browser Tabs and posting comments on other sites using it too. The first picture, above, shows search results from the browser frame before I’ve finished typing the term/query. It’s doing a “Google Instant” across Yahoo!, Google, Twitter by default and will zip through other sources if you tell it to.

That’s nothing short of amazing. It’s split-second fast too which I can’t show you because I don’t have screencasting desires. Flock is free – Rockmelt is free – both will ask for tons of passwords and access and from me, you hear that it’s safe to do with Flock. Surf happy; surf safe.

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