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/commentable: Facebook Game, TextTwirl Cheats
Dinarius = digital interest
30 June 2008

Facebook Game, TextTwirl Cheats

Overall web happiness. It must be popular if there’s a site that helps you cheat. How many words can you make using the letters: C H E A T S That’s the idea behind the popular game TextTwirl on the social site, Facebook. It’s not useful unless adding words like CESTA and ETHS to your vocabulary make you feel stronger (there’s two hints for the above challenge by the way). As time has gone on, TextTwirl has become fairly advanced if you consider what the application has to do to keep track of everything.

Since I started to use TextTwirl to pass the time, they’ve introduced challenge features, various levels of difficulty and, I think, a few new letter scrambles. I’m a dumby. I stay in the easy category and am fairly certain that I see some of the same letter combinations repeat themselves. Then again, I’m a dumby so I can’t be sure. I have recommended it to friends and did try a group competition in the middle level of difficulty and got my S A S handed to me on a T L A P T R E. Of five people, I was dead last and the winner’s avatar was that of a three month old baby. Creep.

This picture spoils the challenge of C H E A T S above, but it shows you the results of plugging in the letters that TextTwirl gives you. After typing in the letters, you then hit a button that calculates all the combinations of three-letter or more words those letters can make. “Cheats” rather surprised me with a ton of results in a very quick turn around. If you have another letter group to add, you just click, Again beneath the results.

Look smarter than you are.  Cheat at TextTwirl.

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