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/commentable: Earth Hour! Tonight!
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29 March 2008

Earth Hour! Tonight!

Despite a big nose in the news, this escaped us until today. Earth Hour is from 8PM to 9PM in your time zone when you just turn the lights off! The Earth Hour Website allows you to sign up for things, get involved, has a nifty You Tube video and tells you just how many days, hours, minutes and seconds away you are in your time zone from having to turn your lights out. And why not?

29MAR08 finds Earth Hour from the World Wildlife Fund falling on an inconvenient Saturday.

Created by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour cleverly encourages you to, “Turn out for Earth Hour.” If that pun has to be explained to you, it’s unlikely you’ll survive, even for an hour, without some form of illumination in a ‘fully’ conscience state given all the sharp corners that lurk about. Anyhow, the site states that more than 100 cities across North America will participate. Thieves are probably overwhelmed at the prospect of Trick-or-Treating in Spring. So do keep your security lights handy.

Having picked 29MARyy coincidentally lands on a Saturday in 08. Here in Miami, the hour from 8PM to 9PM is prime primping hour for South Beach divas. Convincing “SoBe” primpers to get made up by candle light or the dim glow of a cell phone might not catch.

There was once a push for a day of Silence on the Internet. This resulted in an excess of chatter about the day of Silence on the day of silence with one exception. Amanda Congdon, when appearing beautifully on Rocketboom, didn’t say a word. She just paged through leaves of a script for several minutes while staring at the camera. Rocketboom was known for irreverent news about irreverent events and quirks that could be found on the Internet – Amanda’s observance of Silent Day caused quite a stir.

Today, rather than ahead of time when the word could make its way properly to the electrified masses, Google’s homepage, all black, states, “We’ve turned the lights out. Now it’s your turn – Earth Hour.” Clever and pointed. Effective? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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