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/commentable: Dinarius Cancels Kontera
Dinarius = digital interest
2 July 2008

Dinarius Cancels Kontera

To say Kontera’s contextual advertising is a scam is not accurate. It’s is a thorough disappointment. Kontera is responsible for the double-underlined ads that run/ran through the small site, Dinarius. If you’re considering placing script that manages contextual advertising, consider the following, balanced arguments against Kontera.

All contextual ad engines credit you for click-throughs but debit you for page impressions. Every appearance their ads make cost you money since they have to pay for the hits and bandwidth on their end. Result: You are penalized for updating your site.

26JULY08 was one day when the chimpanzees at Dinarius were instructed to do a serious amount of house cleaning on the site. Our site work not only smashed the daily average, but comes at a time when the site is steadily picking up steam consistently. Naturally, our work is causing impressions which count against us, right? Kind of…

Kontera took advantage of one big day to debit our account.

Kontera double underlines aren’t the impression. The pop-up, called a ContentLink is debited against you when, “Kontera is able to successful mark with a ContentLink,” which is the thing that visitors click to see an ad thereby crediting our ad account. During all the site work, perhaps FOUR or SIX ContentLinks were triggered. I know, because I am that chimpanzee (dramatic suspense music). Kontera whacked us with 123 impression counts rather than the average 40 to 50. I’ll say it:

Kontera is lying/wrong. DownloadCenter.com has a blog where they write that they experimented with Kontera and, on several occasions, had to request metric confirmation when the numbers they were tracking differed from the numbers Kontera reported. DownloadCenter – Kontera and frauds

The natural assumption is that there should be someone to call about this matter or any discrepancy to do with suspecting Kontera of having erred. Kontera has a dreadful policy of not cutting the first check until your account earns $100. Cancelling your account before this milestone also totally forfiets any claim to money that you have earned! According to former Kontera user, Curtis G. Carmichael in his caveat:

…pursuing this matter in court or writing up a formal BBB complaint would not be practical although I wish I could pursue this per the principal issue (they should give accrued $$ to those that rightfully earned this). This is a poor practice and insinuates those that cancel their accounts before a solid $100 increment will be penalized.

See all of Curtis’s entry at his site, CurtisCarmichael.com

Remember learning to swim? Think of your Mom or Dad in the swimming pool as the $100 milestone you must get to. What did they do as you swam toward them? They kept moving backward making it harder to get to them. After earning Kontera almost a hundred bucks and being penalized for impressions that never happened and almost certainly having only hold music, voice mails and disconnects to complain to about it, they can keep our $3.26 which, until 26JULY08 with the false or innaccurate counting, used to be four times that amount making it the ContextLink of choice over another mechanism we’re watching.

Bloggers Using Kontera, Be Warned

That’s for the indexing. To the three or four of you who genuinely clicked on relavant links to support us, thank you.

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