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/commentable: Default Router Passwords.
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22 October 2007

Default Router Passwords.

22OCT07 – It seems that the lists for cracking router passwords come and go. They’re also far too lengthy for us to post and maintain here. What follows is a small collection of links leading to massive lists (most of which have the same information) spelling out for you, the curious, default UserID and Passwords set by Router manufacturers. No doubt you could go to their website to find the answers, but you’re here instead – so click away and search through these sites if the links are still good… Free advice after the break.

Poland offers 350 vendors and 1600 passwords here.
Ugly alphabetized list here (no longer online) that we copied for your download desires here.
Virus.org collects passwords like a humanitarian effort here.
Another smaller list is available at ProjectBrock, here.

There are tens of good lists, a hundred router makers but, if you notice, only about twenty passwords including the word password. For most of your average situations, you’ll most likely deal with a Netgear, D-Link or LinkSys router. A fast look at the default router passwords will tell you that there are a few combinations you can try in less time than it takes to look up a default router password:

Listed as Maker: (UserID) – password…
Netgear: (blank, admin, Admin) – 1234
D-Link: (blank, D-Link, user, admin) – blank, D-Link, user, Admin, private
LinkSys: (blank, admin, comcast) – admin, blank, 1234
Linksys/Cisco: (admin) – admin

Not a lot to remember, is it? Default password not working for the router? Clear it or reset it or restore it to factory settings by unplugging it for ten minutes after pressing and holding any reset button you find for fifteen seconds. Not only will the UserID and password reset, but you will uncouple the router from a dedicated device if DOCSYS is being used (look it up).

With access to all these great lists, it’s only natural to have some fun and find the most creative default UserID and password. The awards go to…

TMAR#HWMT8007079 for most bizzare UserID!
TENmanUFactOryPOWER for oddest password!

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