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/commentable: Death To Dumb.
Dinarius = digital interest
11 January 2008

Death To Dumb.

Information Ninjas are perhaps the most valuable and under rated geeks on Earth.

11JAN08 – Are we half as smart as Grandpa Dinarius? We were given a challenge to find out. Within the next month, not only will we be simplifying and covering news items that most tech blogs stumble on to and fail to make understandable, but we’re going to whip out our razor sharp crystal ball and point it. The stock market, design trends, tech trends and more stock market will, if we’re half what Grandpa was, crumple to the floor in bloody heaps. Information Ninjas are perhaps the most valuable and under rated geeks on Earth. We’ve been ordered to kill ‘dumb’ where it stands, lies, hides and lives. Be there dumb, then Information Ninjas be there.

It's too good a logo to not use as much as possible!

“Knowledge is Wealth,” you may have read in the banner of the site. Grandpa spoke six languages (mostly Romantic) played most any instrument be it woodwind, reed, string and precussion and was a top-notch HAM radio operator bending KW’s to his wise and amiable will. Dinarius writes of Blu Ray and Comcast and suddenly Blu Ray and Comcast are in the news. Dinarius taught customers to leave AOL, suddenly AOL barfs 600K personal searches, loses value, gets dropped in name by TimeWarner and is being sued along with BestBuy for illegal activities. Dinarius taught you how to speak like a LOL Cat and no one read it – okay, that one wasn’t so great. Yesterday, Dinarius confirmed a 34% take on a Fantasy Portfolio averaging $4,000+ a month in profit investing a pretend wad of $71K and now everyone wants to see us do it again.


Someone else thought up the phrase Information Ninja, but they didn’t bother to make a kick-ass graphic. There’s a gigantic population of what others would call, “slackers,” who really have nothing better to do than stay online all day and see what’s new, what’s next, what’s failed, and what’s happening. We are hungry for knowledge and information. We read blogs and news items from around the globe. We utilize RSS feed readers and keep the hobby of improving them alive. We push Google to make some of the strangest things the World has ever seen, hail the applications a runaway success and cannot, really cannot, understand why you don’t find them useful.

We are video game players, we are news readers, we trace news to its source and ‘stand outside’ every business day waiting for the RSS machines to start delivering. We know too much. You still don’t know HP/Compaq is one entity – we know which HP models suffered as a result of the buy-out. You laugh at us and suffer in a World being consumed by technology. We laugh at you because that’s our world consuming you. The irony makes some Information Ninjas elitists.

It becomes difficult to communicate with you. “Banter,” becomes increasingly difficult to fake. You don’t understand what’s happening around you when all we know is why technology is consuming our daily lives. Information Ninjas can easily appear to be snobs. We forget that we too once didn’t know. “Didn’t know what,” you ask.


In the future, look for the Information Ninja logo – you’re a Ninja too? Leave Comments; share your insights; slay dumb with us; smart doesn’t mean, “always right,” but it certainly helps the odds.

RIP Sir Edmund Hillary – First to conquer Earth’s ‘Third Pole,’ Mt. Everest. May we be so inspired with the strength and wisdom needed to conquer Earth’s Fourth Pole, the Internet.

Favorite's the ARTICLE, not the SITE.