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/commentable: Database Raking Continues Slowly & Method=>:Get
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18 July 2008

Database Raking Continues Slowly & Method=>:Get

rake db:migrate is a Ruby command that seems to small and easy. If you’re new to Ruby, MySQLAdmin, creating databases through it and linking a Rails project to a new database, this might help you. To create a new Database in MySQL Administrator with Tools for 5.0 in a GUI pack, select the Catalogs in the Sidebar at left. The lower left then offers current test databases to see. Right-click either of them (our version shipped with two) and pick Create new Schema. You can then name the database.

Another problem that we had with starting our Ruby for the first time after the command ruby script/server was to not find the expected tutorial page at localhost:3000 but instead, Routing Error No route matches “/say/hello” with {:method=>:get}

That’s a mess of an error to see during your first hour of Ruby. Guess what? Easy fix; you moved too fast. Just [ctrl]+C to stop the script server and ruby script/server once more. Open a new browser window and http://localhost:3000 and viola! You’ll either see your Hello! tutorial page or the dictated error you’re supposed to see concerning your app/view template.

Previously, on Dinarius, we list all the Ruby learning material we’re using to get mind-#ked from the web’s easiest language. Kind of a mistake to invite five chefs into the kitchen and try to learn.

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