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/commentable: But Which Compaq EVO Do I Have?
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26 March 2008

But Which Compaq EVO Do I Have?

26MAR08 – Refurbished EVO slimlines, small form factors and ultra-slims and convertible desktops are hitting the streets in huge numbers. And they’re mostly junk. But clients still request that these affordable machines be reformatted which presents the technician with “driver-hell” since the EVO nominclature rarely referred to itself by model number. With a D300 and D500 series and countless form factors, you might need help picking which Compaq EVO you’re dealing with. We’re here to help after tracking down elusive Compaq machine drawings on the HP site.

The Compaq EVO family was nothing short of a cluster#()%k of hardware making the installation of the correct drivers absolute hell. If you’re lucky enough to have found a sticker that says D51S followed by other stats, you narrowed the search to eight possible computer models. Still an incredible mess. Let’s begin with identifying just which Compaq EVO do I have? These pictures are used through fair use and all come from the extremely long HP page: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/… but we link our pictures to what might be the start of your downloading the correct drivers. Repeat: might.

On horizontal models, note the button locations.

Compaq EVO Small Form Factor shape and diagram.

Making matters worse, there’s also a D300s DT [desktop]

Compaq EVO Ultra-Slim Desktop shape and diagram.


Compaq EVO Convertible Minitower shape and diagram.

E-PC – D3/5## e-pc

Compaq EVO E-PC shape and diagram.

If you arrived at this article via the following search terms: D51S/P2.4/40/k/512c US, or USW32609KQ, or 268900-999 KN9Z (which were of no help to me), here’s my help for you which might come up roses. You may be looking at a Small Form Factor Compaq EVO D510 SFF as I was (although hp.com swore I was looking at a D300s [series] none of the drivers worked). An Intel Brookdale-G i845G chipset powers the sound driver (Value: Intel 82801DB ICH4 – AC’97 Audio Controller [A – 1]) and one possible Video Adapter Value could be: Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, which did little for me but allowed 1048×768 as well as 800×600.

I promised a cluster#()%k and delivered. Dinarius isn’t HP, Dinarius isn’t Compaq or Intel or responsible for your USB 2.0 Hub failings. We understand you wish to rant; skip it – life is short. If you have additional information or mystery part numbers, enter them in the Comments below so that others may get closer to solving their driver download problems with the Compaq EVO.

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