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29 February 2008

Blu Planet: Blu-Ray HD Caveats.

29FEB08 – In the high definition video disk format war, Blu Ray has won. It seems that even the winner has versions that behave like multiple personalities where one Blu Ray player won’t play another Blu Ray disk, etc. We’re naming names and part numbers and hoping that Civil War won’t break out among the conspirators that won the Revolution.

SONY invented Blu Ray and certainly, the newest PS3 will have all the latest codecs and hardware needed to play any Blu Ray disk since reverse compatibility is a must in any format, any medium.

We didn’t know reverse compatibility was an issue with Blu Ray, but it is. The disks are already up to version 2.0 in production muttering according to sources that mention Daewoo.

In the beginning, Blu Ray, like HD-DVD and CH-DVD (ever heard of that?) was just another effort. A little time and many PS3 shipment delays later, version 1.0 was released. It’s the most prevailing and common Blu Ray you can find at Best Buy, WalMart, KMart, Target, FYE, and anywhere else you would buy a Blu Ray disk.

ONLY RECENTLY, Blu Ray 1.1 came up and it supports PiP or Picture in Picture. We were surprised to learn that this cutting edge format never before supported PiP. So latest releases on Blu Ray 1.1 WILL NOT PERFORM in Blu Ray 1.0 players. Panasonic’s DMP-BD30 along with the PS3 can fully support 1.1 Blu Ray disks.


A Google Search
Google Shopping
Price Grabber.com
Deal News
eBay at your own risk.

Not all the above links will provide results everyday since some are ever-changing engines and cannot find the item at times.

There was a time in recent history that we went through this same problem with the CD’s we listened to in our diskman, home stereo and car and boombox while we were out causing trouble. Some would play some disks and others would play other disks and no matter how patient you were, it was totally frustrating.

So you know, “FULL PROFILE” is a buzz term in the Blu Ray universe referring to spec version 2.0 and it’s the thing to look for. Not buying FULL PROFILE will ensure your disappointment perhaps as quickly as a few months down the road. Finally, the prices are insane. SONY’s cheap Blu Ray player will come out this Summer at $400. Best suggestions are to leave it ALL alone until then and then, do your research heavily and mind the version compatible numbers on the box!

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