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/commentable: Best Free way to open tar.gz on Windows
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9 March 2012

Best Free way to open tar.gz on Windows

“Best?” I don’t know for sure. “Free,” yup. Users of Windows 7 have a sticky time opening tarball files or tar.gz packages that are often provided for coding purposes and more advanced computing than Windows users are given credit for wanting to attempt. Well I wanted to and it seemed that all the unzip, unpack software leads to cost. Well…

how to open a tar.gz on Windows freely

As I encroach some python scripting for fun, a book I’m reading, Visualize This, requires that one of the next steps I perform is to, “download Beautiful Soup, … Save the Beautiful Soup Python (.py) file in the directory that you plan to save your code in.” Two lines! It sounds so easy! After a half hour I was beyond annoyed.

So enter a programmer friend’s knowledge of 7-Zip It’s a free way to open and manage and do even more with tar.gz files for Windows. Getting it’s a breeze and once got and .exe installed with some choices to make that might give newer users pause, 7-Zip provides all manner of right-click Context Menu help for future packaged files like Beautiful Soup.

Right click context menu for tarball with 7-zip

7-Zip.org website

Matter of fact, it always appears in the Context Menu after it’s installed leading me to believe that it’s far more powerful than I originally thought. So, free and easy tar.gz unpack program is best enough for me.

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