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/commentable: A Different Search Engine
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24 January 2012

A Different Search Engine

Having announced that it will alter it’s TOS across all products to create a mono-culture, a.k.a. Walled Garden, Google is preparing to upset and worry a LOT of people. These days, it’s hard to even believe that there are options for good search engines out there other than Google. Here’s a link to the TOS story.

Ixquick is a Google Search alternative

With Google set to go on a mad, tracking rampage where in-private browsing is unlikely to help you once you stumble on to one of its services, I’m reminded of a search engine other than the big’un that’s proud to just be a search engine. It’s Ixquick which touts itself as the World’s Most Private Search Engine.

Like Google, it offers Image results, Video results and has Settings and options for Advanced Search results. There’s a variety of plain backgrounds and colors (like Google). A lot of the criticism around what Google is doing is A. “Spying” or tracking everything with cookies and yada-yada, and B. Placing your personal interests above the most relevant results when you search for something. This second issue cuts both for the better and for the worse depending what your mood is I suppose.

Personally, I prefer results that are untainted by my surfing and emailing and video watching habits. I want to see what the world thinks is the most relevant answer to whatever question I search an answer to. So before Google’s new TOS and mono-culture take effect, a head to head.

“Culinary meaning of flip”

  • Both search engines fail on the first page.
    • “Flip” in culinary terms surly means turning over, but the more obscure answer I was looking for was the name change that occurs when you add EGG to something.
    • See Champagne Flip
    • The Flip itself is a drink popular in Colonial American times. It resurfaced in Old West Salons when home brewed Rotgut began poisoning too many travelers.
  • A definition of Flip from DrinksMixer.com
    • A chilled, creamy drink made of eggs, sugar, and a wine or spirit. Brandy and sherry flips are two of the better known kinds.

“oldest dog skull ever found”

  • Nearly a trick question and Google wins.
  • It was announced today that a dog skull was found in the mountains of Siberia.
  • Ixquick’s first result upholds the other oldest dog skull found by a University of Maine graduate, a 94-hundred year old skull. Link
  • Google’s first result is from today telling how the new old is 33-THOUSAND years old! Link
    • Ixquick’s fourth result is on point, but fourth instead of first.


  • Draw.
    • Ixquick corrected me: H12-O6-C6 and took me to results after verifying.
    • Google pat me on the head and moved on to show me equally poorly typing.
  • Glucose. H12-O6-C6 is Glucose. Ixquick’s correction also leads to a slamming five-star follow up should I feel the need to check in on Ixquick’s result sources.
    • Up to now, the most my results have provided are three stars.
    • Google’s fourth result is Chinese; so you know it’s sciencey.
  • Best correction for Glucose h12o6c6 would be C6 H12 O6

“10 Downing Street”

I picked this over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because both sites should feel that I’m searching something overseas – so their ads would reflect this as well. Also, with Images and Maps offered, the query should provide a torrential amount of information in the results.

  • First off, no ads on either search engine appeared.
*Curiously, 10 Downing Street’s own .gov website was #1 rank in Google and #2 in Ixquick after a secure.wikimedia result.
  • Google wins with easy access to Maps and Images.

Reduced screen shot of 10 Downing Street search results
Get it bigger.

That’s it. Ixquick is no Google clone, it’s good and nearly good enough to become my new Homepage – pity there’s no email service there!

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