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/commentable: $10,000 Fantasy Portfolio (General)
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15 January 2008

$10,000 Fantasy Portfolio (General)

Information Ninjas are perhaps the most valuable and under rated geeks on Earth.

The following four stocks were selected 10JAN08 and we just failed to post them right away. We mentioned that we would point our crystal ball at something, might as well be the Stock Market! We’re assuming that a hundred of each are purchased and, as of 10JAN08, the value of this portfolio was actually $9,696.00. These stocks were picked with the intention of being held for either one or six months and, yeah, we’re hoping to make a Fantasy Profit no matter how small.

With the market in a butterfly downward trend, no one is winning much of anything. Current (15JAN08) prices of these stocks are lower than just five days ago when we picked them, but that’s life. After a fictional 34% gain on an earlier Fantasy Portfolio, we were told to do it again – it was, perhaps, unwise, to accept the friendly challenge. So be it. We’ll be honest and you’ll see if there’s any hope for us! We’re no experts, this is just informative, you know the deal – it’s all fantasy guess work for fun.

AM American Greetings $19.33
WFC Wells Fargo Company $28.04
NOK Nokia Corporation $34.96 (a little rich for us, but a good-looker)
WM Washington Mutual $14.63

Crazy, right? Two banks and a greeting card company that really only does well at Christmas? Here’s the thinking that took place…


The last five years show very little slipping and sliding up and down. Almost naturally, the greeting card company is stronger at Christmas and tends to dive one-third into the year (after St. Patty’s Day?) This last year was the most wicked of five years and the 52-week range bottomed at $18.11 With current prices so near the low for the year, AM showed promise as did the other four choices – as of this post, we’re at $17.93 which is a new 52-week low. Damnit.


Wells Fargo! What could possibly go wrong? Five year track shows steady increase with dips two-thirds into the year. Again, 2007 was the roughest year with great, big dips and gains. A 52-week low of $25.79 has the stock at prices not seen since late 2003. It’s gotta come up within six months or even a month, right? As of this post, we’re at $26.49 which, thankfully, is not a new 52-week low.


Nokia got your attention, right? A tech stock from a tech-slanted website? We were aiming for near 52-week lows and actually used this pricey stock to deny any changes the others might go through. Nokia has been strong and stronger for ALL of 2007 seeming to defy the drops all the others are going through. This is the clydesdale horse, the lead dog, the one that bucks the trend. Or it’s the single worst idea we’ve had in a long time. “Bought” at $34.96 with a 52-week low of $18.87, we’ve got a LONG way to fall if it comes to that. As of this post, NOK is $34.97 – a one penny gain times a hundred shares. We got a BUCK!


Totally by accident, we found Washington Mutual’s stock. ROCK SOLID for five years and when the housing market fell, down came WM and it came down HARD. Really hard. Previous averages stood around $45 to $50 bucks. We bought in at $14.63 with 52-week lows reported at $10.73. Today, $13.59. Not all bad. Coincidence? The day after we picked WM to ride back up to $45 bucks (please), a purchase of WM by Bank of America was announced making Bank of America the biggest bank of all. No details were provided about how to shake off the billions of dollars in lending losses, but we’ve got some time….

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