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12 June 2013

The resolution of Google Glass

Google has never feared the future and seldom lead the path to the future as concerns end user consumers. With Google Glass however, people are curious. Regardless of all the privacy news and questions that arise when someone is looking at you with direct access to 16GB of memory strapped to their heads, what’s the resolution of the working parts? A teardown of the business end of a pair of glasses reveals a crystal clear future.

6 June 2013

Megarays, Lytro, I want it

Poor light. So misunderstood. It’s recorded and seen on flat surfaces like our eyes and cameras but what’s before us is actually a field of light; depth. Here’s the end result as brought to you by Lytro – creator of the camera that takes 15 years of science and makes one device that takes and shares, “living pictures.” Note: Clicking allows you to refocus the image! You’re traveling through Megarays.

Megapixels – easy concept: A thousand pixels in various ratios (standard vs. HD for example). Megarays – a harder concept since we’ve been goofing with light as a 2D medium.

5 June 2013

Mind that Jeep in front!

Chrysler said NO to a recall triggered by dangerous gas tank positions at the rear. Accidents could rupture the tank, perhaps harmlessly at first, but cause a leak of fuel, even a small one, and cause significant troubles before too long. More important to Chrysler refusing to comply (too expensive at this point) is the fact that lots of college kids or anyone looking for a used Jeep might bump into the models in question. These are they…

4 June 2013

It ain't Web3 yet...

…but there’s progress. Like 98-percent of people on Earth, I can’t predict much with any accuracy but I sure am glad when a hunch eventually pans out on its own timing in a direction that I feel is a positive one. With everyone bouncing from one milestone to the next lickety-split, I was happy to proclaim the arrival of Web3 not long after the announcement of Web 2.0

30 May 2013

New school's liberal hiring policy

In every walk of life, the Old Skool is damn sure the New Skool is doing it wrong, saying it wrong and wrong some more everywhere else. It’s no surprise then that 66% of 20-thousand young people polled don’t care that their online social profiles could prevent them from getting jobs.

24 May 2013

A new app!

Your iPhone as a Urinalysis app.

24 May 2013

The beginning is coming

“The end is coming!” So cry many for the slightest shift in a new direction; new directions always more edgy and dangerous by virtue of their being new/different and strange. The new commonplace that’s targeting everyone’s imagination is guns, the 3D printed variety. Good for one shot, ubiquitous and untraceable. The end is coming! What’s most strange? Guns or that citizens who apply themselves can build, at home, complex machines that alter life and death?

Power in the hands of the people…

28 February 2013

LEAP Motion controller shipping in May'13

If you haven’t see how it works, give that LEAP website a look. Control of your PC with just your fingertips and gestures in the air – People following the Leap have been waiting patiently for news of when we can get our hands on, or “on” the device. It came this morning.

Leap Motion Controller

14 February 2013

Duplicating Shape Keys Blender 2.65

I followed along in a tutorial diligently to create my first kind of complex rig. Solid enough model, great concept to try, good tutorial. Tried things on my own and found that duplicating shape keys in Blender 2.65 uses a different system all together.

Blender 2.65 duplicating shape keys gone!

7 February 2013

Unlock viewport center in Blender

Even after upgrading to the latest version, one project of mine was not behaving correctly in one of three views. No matter what I selected, the view was locked to center on the 3D Cursor in Blender. Fixing it’s a breeze, breaking it without knowing, however, that was harder.

Blender locks just one view.