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21 July 2008

Good MP3: Web 2.0 WTF?

I’ve even spoken with experts and experienced computer users who fear the Social Network driven Web 2.0 “stuff” out there. Good news! Before I got to busy with Ruby on Rails to update the site everyday, I bounced around with Web 2.0 services like Facebook, MyBlogLog, Flock, friendfeed, Flickr, PodCastAlley, MySpace, Seesmic, Ma.Gnolia and OpenID and received absolutely stunning results without more effort. I expect that this won’t fully sway skeptics, but you should hear what benefits came from my work of several days in plumbing the depths on your behalf.


4 July 2008

Claiming the Podcast Alley Feed

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-0ebc2321fe7b43c75c7e819697c547ce}

1 July 2008

Good MP3: Website 101 - Learning to Build

How do I take control of my own webpage? What do I do with a domain name? What’s hosting? It’s high time that anyone in the civilized world should be able to answer these questions. This GoodMP3 provides the answers to the first THREE things anyone needs to know.


30 June 2008

Good MP3: The Office Dilemna

I thought Microsoft Office was free? Isn’t Microsoft Word free? Why is Office a Trial Version? These are common question asked from a public still operating on the basis of misconceptions about office productivity software suites. While Microsoft offers the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free, to get the function of everything else FOR FREE, you need to turn to another source that’s well-established and trusted. GoodMP3 is podcasts of little nuggets of computer knowledge for the new user that aims to raise the bar of common knowledge and bring beginners information the rest of us take for granted.


28 June 2008

Good MP3: Antivirus Knowledge Part 2

Isn’t Norton free? How much is an Antivirus program? Isn’t it included? Too many new users don’t know the dirty truth behind Antivirus protection applications and what to do when their hard drive has been reformatted effectively wiping out the protection thay once had. GoodMP3 is useful nuggets of computer information for beginners that the rest of us take for granted. Get yourself all learned up in this continuation of what to know about Antivirus software so you and your wallet are both fully protected.


9 April 2008

Good MP3: LIVE Visitor Stats!

Now that visit trackers aren’t consistently tracking robot visits and they can all be used to fact-check one another, wouldn’t it be great, as a budding webmaster, to see WHO’S ONLINE this very second, where they’re from, how long they’re likely to visit, and, most profitably, most likely how many visits you’re likely to receive next month? Drawing advertisers to site requires that kind of information and it’s almost all free. In an effort to share and reduce the confusion that’s out there with new or timid webmasters, GoodMP3 shows you how to micromanage site visits to maximize your site’s attraction!

9 April 2008

Good MP3: Getting Pumped For Databases.

It’s not often that we welcome horrible learning curves. Taking on new knowledge isn’t exactly something that new webmasters are thankful for even if they enjoy the pride of being self-taught. In this episode of Good MP3, we focus our sites on the newer or more timid webmasters of the World who should now find the brass to update their techniques to 1995 cutting-edge technology of PHP and the 2001 bleeding-edge of CMS controls, Textpattern.


27 March 2008

Good MP3: Everest Home Edition Free

As technicians, we spend lots of valuable time re-identifying components in computers when driver disks aren’t present. Time really is money, or, more to the point, Knowledge is Wealth (see above). In this enduring episode of GoodMP3, Bryan spills the beans about one of the most useful tools ever created that can identify chips, components and peripherals at the click of a button. No other tool online is so thorough, comprehensive or helpful when you’re in a crunch. And we weren’t even paid to say so!

21 February 2008

Good MP3: Converting and More Embedding Videos.

If you haven’t already, you should test both your browser and computer by seeing which of the basic, 30 second-long embedded videos you can and can’t see at, Viewing and Embedding Videos. The whole topic is a complete mess because there are no standards and corporations change the rules from time to time. So be clear: There is no last word on this. I’m just trying to show you plenty of options and, frankly, some of them suck. Let’s see!

Good MP3 Video Conversion

14 February 2008

GOOD MP3: The NOW of Cell Phones.

Cell Phones have become the love children of all the big companies: Microsoft, Nokia, Google and, naturally, Apple Computers. But why? What plans are there in the works that you, the normal people should be keeping in mind before getting your next two-year contract? Want movie projections from your phone? Want GPS ability? Want one-touch dialing via SMS Text? Want a variety of mapping softwares that predict your best route and display traffic? How about a hundred thousand songs?