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15 May 2016

Amatuer Radio Mesh Network

The Mesh Network created (first in Austin, Texas, they say) that utilizes these old wifi home routers is a LOS emergency fallback measure. A little prepper, but why not one more last line of communication in case the power’s fishy?


29 October 2015

Why is there a "D" in Wednesday?

From Scandinavian History, Elise C. Otte, 1874 – We English retain in the days of the week the remembrance [sic] of this religion, which was brought to our shores more than 1400 years ago by the Angles and Saxons, who came from northern Germany and western Denmark…

Saxons give Britains a full list of happy days.

22 July 2014

Adding a New Category in Zen Cart Admin

I’m surrounded by things that I think other people would like a chance to own – the word eCommerce isn’t thrown around nearly as much as it used to be, but it’s still a viable option with the on-going support of free cart services like Zen Cart that allow users to create unattractive online shopping spaces and receive payment through secure means.

Adding Category to Zen Cart installations.

28 February 2014

Still the Wild West

Don’t think that the Internet has come of age and locked out trouble to keep regular users safe and sound. There are still plenty of people who we could liken to a wolf in Grandma’s clothing.

9 January 2014

A simple Bitcoin Theory

There are still bunches of people who haven’t heard of Bitcoins – there are no coins involved. What there is instead is an agreed upon growing ownership of Bitcoins and a public ledger that both prevents fraud and rewards the accountants with Bitcoins thereby adding to the total and creating yet another transaction to solve and reward. It’s funky and even most Bitcoin miners (the people with computers that work the ledger) are not totally sure what’s up. As it turns out, history holds a great example.

22 December 2013

Bitcoin Mining - second day, two units

296I mentioned my miner cranking over 50% what it was intended to do – I was wrong. There was mention I missed that late orders of the 5 will be bumped up to 7 GHS. So both are still ahead of their marks, but only by a touch.

cgminer BTC projections

20 December 2013

Bitcoin Mining - Day 01, unit 01

Bitcoin mining isn’t for everyone. It’s technical nature is a wild preventive. That its origins are relatively unknown can be a turn off. Serious money people and brokers still turn their noses up and everyone is on the fence when they remember the great Tulip craze in Holland. But…

Butterfly Labs 5/GHs miner

15 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - three

On editorial discussion of the topic, one computer elf asked if their childhood phone number were the perfect password … With numbers, as the childhood phone number, each character is tested against only 10 digits.

13 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - two

Failed security means that hackers in the world or internet security specialists gain access to passwords – often MILLIONS of passwords. Sometimes these lists are even published by accident like one from AOL containing a staggering 47 million accounts. What we find is that the weakest link in security, your security, can be you.

13 December 2013

Cracking Passwords, briefly - one

A password that appears as gibberish is called a hash – it’s not gibberish. It’s been shuffled and had extra stuff added to it like putting that card back in the deck. Sometimes, the extra stuff added to it includes a little eight character string called a Salt; so it’s then called a salted hash.