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Hurry, get free music!
Jun 30, 11:40 AM



Rhapsody free music offer Rhapsody is letting the next 100,000 new accounts download an album! Of course there will be spoofers who create twenty new e-mail address so that they can go to Rhapsody twenty times to create twenty accounts and download twenty albums for free thereby cheating you out of your chance if you don’t hurry! And we’re not telling you how to cheat. We’re just telling you why to hurry.

The offer is for new accounts and is good for the first 100,000 who sign up or until 04JUL08. My bet is that the 100K offers get sucked up first. With free e-mail address so easy to make, there are rooms full of people who sit around all day and just create new e-mail accounts from which to take advantage of offers like this and send spam from. There’s nothing illegal about it. It’s just an underground trade that happens. Anyhow, just thought you’d like what goodies you can miss if you’re too slow!

— Bryan Applegate



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